1. psugator02

    Artis Gilmore (basketball) signing - 3/22/14

    CSD Sports is proud to present its FIRST PRIVATE SIGNING!!! * Featuring... * Artis Gilmore * HOF 2011 6X NBA and 5X ABA All-Star ABA All-Time Team * Your Items Flats-$25 + SASE Premiums-$55 + SASE Inscriptions-$10 * Any item*and/or inscription*may be rejected by Mr. Gilmore at his...
  2. pittgrad0214

    Kentucky Basketball Players Signings--Lexington Sports Cards

    Not my signing but they take mail order just need SASE. TXT Chris @ 270-317-8082 with questions Thursday april 18 : 730 - 830 3 Player Signing Scott Padgett $10 per Auto Allen Edwards $5 Per auto Antoine Walker $5 Per auto Friday april 19 : 730-830 3 Player Signing...
  3. F

    Interest on John Drew basketball Hawks Jazz

    A friend of mine is going to do a signing with John Drew. The former Hawks, and Jazz player, who was an amazing player during his short stint in the NBA. He was banned for life because of cocaine use. This is a VERY tough signature to get.
  4. S

    Any former UNC basketball players signings upcoming?

    Interested in any UNC Tar Heel basketball players who might be doing signings anytime soon... (Mainly Stackhouse, Worthy, Perkins) any help is greatly appreciated.