1. M

    CSA Chantilly Show Discounted Pricing 4.4-4.6

    Hello I have discounted pricing for the April CSA Show and I am offering to the board! I will take exact proof shots of each item that is signed. If you are interested please PM me! Your items will be handled with great care! 1. Need to set up a TM 2. If paying by PayPal I need it by March...
  2. M

    April CSA Chantilly Help Offered

    Hello Memebers I’ll be at the CSA show this April and will be taking items to sign. I live 45 minutes from the Expo Center. I will be there all three days. I am offering to help for anyone in attendance. I will be taking PICS of the players signing your items so that you have exact proof...
  3. SteelCurtain1974

    CSA Chantilly help offered

    I will be going to this and can help anybody that need it. I will take pictures of your item(s) getting signed. Please let me know if you need help with anyone. Saturday- Lorenzo Alexander 15 Mack Alston 10 Jimmy Anderson 15 Miles Austin 65/75/85 (20 insc) Jerome Bettis 120/140/170 (50...
  4. M

    Providing Help at Chantilly (CSA) March 30-April 1st 2012

    Hello All I will be offering help on any of the players. I will be there each of the three days! I will be taking pictures of the players signing your items!! If you are interested please PM me or post in the thread. I will be helping with regular stars and those in the forward area ...which is...
  5. M

    CSA show in Chantilly, VA (July 9-11th)

    July 2010 Advance Tickets Anyone going?
  6. C

    Chantilly, VA show March 26 - 28.

    Anyone going to this. I would be interested in getting a few guys if you are. I didnt see a thread already posted on this so hopefully no one else brought this up. Let me know. Thanks, Matt.
  7. R

    Big Show in Northern VA (Chantilly)

    here is a link to a list of all the people that are gonna be there, looks like a good time, March 17-19. Ill def. be in attendance. -John