1. H

    Any Roy Halladay or Cole Hamels Signings??

    Does anyone know of any signings by either of these 2 coming up? My son has a pitching mound signed by Lee and Oswalt and wants the other 2. Also Carlos Ruiz would be nice as well. At the Phanfestival Ruiz and Halladay are photo booths and do not do signings. Thanks Guys
  2. J

    Former Red Sox/Cubs prospect COLE LINIAK - signing interest

    I just finished my 2nd John Curtice signing last night and he informed me that he recently spoke to Cole Liniak, former Red Sox and Cubs player. John is going to talk to Cole about doing a private signing with me. In the meantime, I want to gauge interest in this. I don't know the exact...
  3. A

    Cole Hamels/Shane Victorino Phillies Signing June 15th

    Both Phillies are doing the signing on JUNE 15th in NY. I have items from some people for Victorino they will be done on the 15th, Hamels I just got informed will also be doing the signing. Below are prices for both. I need all items by friday june 12th. Victorino Flats/Balls $55 All...
  4. R


    NEED ITEMS BY JUNE 25TH PM ME FOR DETAILS/ORDERS Our Card $5.00 Our 8x10 $12.00 Our Jersey $70.00 Our Mini-Helmet $30.00 Your Card $5.00 Your Other $10.00 Inscription $5.00
  5. SI KING

    Cole hamels december 12 - wholesale pricing

    Hello All... Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families. I have been able to work out some wholesale pricing for Cole Hamels. He's signing for me on December 12th at the MAB show. All baseballs, cards, 8x10’s and SI magazines – Only $80 The show is charging $89 plus handling for mail...
  6. muwolverine22

    Cole Hamels signing at BC Sports

    He is doing a signing at the oxford valley mall on the 28th. If somebody needs him and is willing to pay i may make the trip to get him. I went there last year for a victorino signing. Any offers send via pm or respond on here. - Jeremy

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