1. huffman

    Dennis Lamp Private Signing (Former Cub, White Sox, Red Sox +More) - May 1st

    Just wanted to announce i'm going to be having another private signing with MLB Veteran, Dennis Lamp. Tons of cards out there and he doesn't touch his mail. $10 Any Item. Please send me a TM to to get in on this. Feel free to ask any questions....
  2. huffman

    Dennis Lamp Signing (Former Cub, White Sox, Red Sox +More)

    Putting together another private signing with former Big Leaguer, Dennis Lamp. Items are $10 per. Please post or PM me if you are interested as I need to gauge the interest level. -Ryan
  3. S

    '69 Cub Don Young Private Signing

    My name is Sam Lynagh,collector since 1972,living in Philly. Friend of Alan Moores for 15 years or so. I am having Don Young of '69 Cubs fame (or infamy) for a private signing at the end of February. All items are $25+SASE.My address is Sam Lynagh 615 Christian St. Phila PA 19147. My personal...
  4. sigman101

    Former Chicago Cub Lee Smith

    I saw this on the Frontier League website: If anyone is going to this and could help me with a 50/50 on this former MLB player, please let me know. Thanks alot for looking.
  5. R

    ryan o'malley, jeremy hellickson added free signers at iowa cub's fan fest

    jeremy hellickson(des moines native and d rays prospect) and ryan o'malley(cubs propect) have been added as free signers at iowa cubs fan fest. hope they have more guy's than this, but it is a good start