1. crabbygraphs

    Robert Morris Card Show May 15-17-2015 Discounted Pricing

    I will be attending the May Robert Morris "Spring" Show in Pittsburgh, PA and can offer discounted prices for the autograph guests. 1. A TM needs to be set up. 2. Every item needs to be tagged with username, color of sharpie and placement. (Phone # if you feel comfortable in case I need to get...
  2. M

    CSA Chantilly Show Discounted Pricing 4.4-4.6

    Hello I have discounted pricing for the April CSA Show and I am offering to the board! I will take exact proof shots of each item that is signed. If you are interested please PM me! Your items will be handled with great care! 1. Need to set up a TM 2. If paying by PayPal I need it by March...