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    RJ Reynolds Private Signing - 8/18/12 (need by 8/14/12) - Impossible TTM graph!

    RJ Reynolds spent parts of 8 seasons in the major leagues playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Pittsburgh Pirates during his career. RJ isn't a local guy so this signing will be just like a lot of my other signings. I will collect all the items and send 1 package to RJ to sign and return...
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    Anybody ever graph the Professional Baseball Scouts "Sprit of the Game" dinner in LA?

    It's this weekend in Beverly Hills. Seaver, Yount, Lasorda, Garagiola, Uueker, Winfield, etc. Tix are really expensive to attend, but thought there might be some graphing opportunities for some solid HOFers there. Has anyone done this before? Any tips? Is it not worth the time/effort? Thanks