1. J

    Hal McRae Private Signing - 0% TTM - need by 9/18/12

    Hal McRae has agreed to do a private signing with me and 100% of the proceeds will be going to his son, Brian McRae's charity. Hal spent parts of 19 seasons in the major leagues playing for the Cincinatti Reds and Kansas City Royals during his career. Hal isn't a local guy so this signing...
  2. Ju1cy

    Hal Sparks Queer as Folk,talk soup friday november 12th

    i can take items for him if anyone wants to send them i wil charge $10 an autograph,please pm me if interested. here is what he has been in spider man 2 queer as folk dude wheres my car talk soup host
  3. Ju1cy

    rick ross oct 22nd,hal holbrook oct 24th,young jeezy oct 29th consignment

    anyone who is intereted in any of these 3, hal holbrook is here on october 24th,rick ross is here october 22nd,young jeezy is here october 29th, pm me if you are interested in any of these celebs. i will also listen to 50/50 opportunities hal holbrook $20 on any item,has won the most emmy...
  4. Rip8cp1

    Hal Naragon Private Signing August 18th

    I will be conducting a private signing with Hal Naragon on August 18th, 2010. I need all items by August 17th, 2010. 1954 Indians Cards - $12.00 Flats/Balls - $15.00 Bats/Jerseys - $20 I have baseballs available for $13.00 ea I have photos available for $5.00 ea Have items...