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    Billy Wagner Private Signing - 4/21/12 - Astros / Phillies / Mets / Red Sox / Braves

    For those of you who don't know, Billy is as down to earth as any athlete you will ever meet. With that being said, my buddy and I have been in contact with Billy and his best friend who run a charity called 2nd Chance Learning Center. Billy has agreed to sign autographs to raise money for his...
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    1986 Mets World series reunion show

    I Will be attending this show and once again can take any item for any guy appearing here is the link Long Island National Card Shows Authograph Guest Lineup - Authograph Guest Lineup At Long Island National Baseball Card Autograph Signing Shows at Hofstra University - Long Island National...
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    Mab show in Oct. 73 Mets reunion, adam west, BIlly dee williams and more

    I will be going to this show both days if anyone needs anything done and doesn;t want to pay mail order fees. All i ask for is a SASE to return the items in. heres the link to the line up MAB Celebrity Services - 73 Mets Reunion/Dynamic Duos Not all the prices are up yet but definitely...
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    JIM McANDREW, 1969 Mets Private Signing

    I will be doing my second signing with former Mets and Padres pitcher, and 1969 World Series champion, Jim McAndrew in mid March here in Arizona. Fees will be $10 for any flat items and $15 for bats or jerseys. SASE's are required. All money goes directly to Jim and I will have every item...
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    Come Meet the Mets

    Signings will take place Jan 14th - 16th. I offer the best pricing available on your items or my items. Coming over from SCN to help out fellow collectors. Mookie Wilson Ron Darling Howard Johnson Dave Magadan Rick Anderson Dwight Gooden Bud Harrelson Cleon Jones Wayne Garrett...
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    1986 & 1969 mets, WIlson, harrelson, Darling, HoJo , etc

    I will be seeing members of the 1986 and 1969 Mets weekend of Jan 15-16 at a signing here is who I will be seeing Mookie Wilson Ron Darling Howard Johnson Dave Magadan Rick Anderson Dwight Gooden PM me if you need anything done also Dellin Betances (Yankee prospect) will be there
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    a couple of 86 Mets, Hofers and Islanders

    I will be attending a signing with the following players in Oct and can offer great prices on the following guys Ed Hearn Kevin Mitchell Ed Lynch Phil Niekro Rollie Fingers Juan Marichal Al Arbour Mike Bossy Gord Lane Garry Howatt Dave Langevin Glenn Resch PM me for prices if...
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    Red Bank Sports Marketing is pleased to announce a private signing engagement with 1969 World Series Champion Cleon Jones for the first week of October. All items need to be received by October 6th. Price Structure: $13 per baseball card W/SASE $15 any other item W/ SASE...
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    Just got word that I will be sitting down with Bobby Valentine on August 28th. All Items need to be received by August 26th Price Structure: Any Item $15. Please PM me if you are interested. I am able to do bulk discounts of orders 5+ If responding via email please refer to below...
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    NY METS Pitcher Mike Pelfrey Private 1st WK OF JUNE!

    NY METS Pitcher Mike Pelfrey Private 1st WK OF JUNE! Approved by Alan $20 for your photos and cards $25 for your baseballs add my 8x10 for $5 add my baseball for $10 **added 5/26/10** Have mini helmets for $15 Will give bulk discount rate if you are interested in more then 3...
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    JIM McANDREW, 1969 Mets Private Signing

    APPROVED BY ALAN Good news.....I will be going ahead with the Jim McAndrew that had been discussed last month. The signing will take sometime after May 15th....most likely sometime during that week. Jim has a 10% signing rate thru the mail according to SCN ! Flats, cards, balls...
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    Interest in Jim McAndrew, 1969 Mets??

    I am working on putting a signing together with Jim McAndrew, pitcher for the 1969 Mets and then the Padres in the 1970's. Pricing would be $8-12 for flats....maybe slightly higher for bats and jerseys. I have not hammered the details yet, but wanted to see how much interest there is...