1. kgitch

    Daytona Beach Charity Softball Game - December 7-8 2012

  2. kjamidon

    2012 redsfest..more than ever

    the first list came out and i am okay with it..knowing they will be adding many other players in the coming days..if anyonne has something huge for a set or a collection post here...and i will see what i can do..peace
  3. kgitch

    Miguel Cabrera Public Signing - December 1st 2012

    This is in Sterling Heights, MI.....looks like mail order is accepted.
  4. wilder12

    2012 Redsfest

    Redsfest | reds.com: Fan Forum
  5. B

    Rickey Henderson, Cal Ripken, Joe Mauer - Fall 2012 Signings (Bradley Supplies)

    Rickey Henderson Cal Ripken Jr. Joe Mauer Private Signings with Bradley Supplies Fall 2012 I have arranged another round of Private signings for Fall of 2012! I am meeting Rickey Henderson and his agent in November,and submitting items again to Ironclad for Cal Ripken and Joe Mauer...
  6. kgitch

    Ryan Lochte - September 28th 2012 Orlando AT&T Store **Free**

    What: Ryan Lochte Autograph session When: Friday September 28th, 2012 4:30 - 6:30 pm Where: AT&T Retail Store 4006 Conroy Rd. Orlando, FL 32839 Cost: Free and open to the public