1. Kyle Young

    Big 33 - Harrisburg, PA - April 15

    Visits from Pittsburgh Steelers players to sign autographs at sports card and memorabilia shows at the Harrisburg Mall have become can't-miss events for collectors in Central Pennsylvania. Three stars from different eras of Steelers football are headed this way again in April, and this time...
  2. J

    Angels Big Prospect Trevor Reckling Private Signing $5/$10

    Whats up guys, I know Trevor personally and have arranged to do a private signing the weekend of Jan 8th-9th. Prices are: Cards - $5 Anything else (Balls, Flats, etc.) - $10 SASE is preferred on your items, however you can pay for return shipping, contact me with what you have and I will...
  3. Ju1cy

    the big show,john cena other wwe members sunday october 24th

    here is who is going to be in town if anyone is interested in any of these guys please pm me immediately. the prices are next to there name as to what i would charge for each guy John Cena $25 The Undertaker $50 CM Punk $10 FULL Edge $20 Randy Orton $20 R-Truth $10 Sheamus $15 Jack...
  4. D

    Big Ravnes Autograph Signing!! 5/1/10

    Big Ravens Autograph Signing!! 5/1/10 Autograph Signing Saturday, May 1st. 1:00-3:30 PM at Greene Turtle Aberdeen. 6 Ravens players signing autographs, over 50 silent auctions on sports memorabilia. Parts of proceeds from signing will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure Maryland...
  5. N

    Peavy, Vizquel, and The Big Hurt

    On the heels of the Gordon Beckham and Harold Baines signings, Triple Threat Sports is bringing in Peavy and Omar Vizquel on April 19, and Frank Thomas on May 8. The Frank prices of 69/79/89 are pretty good though I do have a major complaint. Triple Threat Sports treats baseball mini helmets...
  6. SI KING

    Big consignment road trip - gretzky, clemens & more

    Happy New year to you all. I hope you and your families are off to a happy & safe 2010! I am taking my biggest road trip of the year again and doing a ton of consignment work. I expect a list of 30 to 40 names to be at this charity event I am attending out of the country. I will accept...