1. A

    NFL Draft Town Autographs

    I was wondering if anybody is going to the NFL Draft Town in Chicago 4/30-the weekend? I saw that the autograph schedule has been released, but there are no specific players. Does anyone know who will be signing, or will it be more of a random schedule, with no announced guests?
  2. pookiejones

    Tanner Rahier Mail In Signing Reds - 2nd round draft pick

    Tanner Rahier is doing a mail in autograph signing with Scc Signings. Tanner was a 2nd round draft pick for the Reds in 2012 and will start in High A ball next year. I have nothing to do with this signing but I told Tanner that I would try to spread the word. All money Tanner makes will...
  3. crabbygraphs

    Scott Lawson Private Signing Astros Rays Draft Pick All Items Needed by 10/12/12

    Just spoke with MLB player Scott Lawson. He would like to get a private signing setup. MDR will also be helping in the signing. Signing will take place at the end of October. I will need all items by October 12, 2012. The more items the better this will be. I know he has a 2010 Donruss Elite...