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    Bobby Pate - Expos - (1981 Topps Tim Raines RC) Private signing

    I recently met up with Bobby Pate and he has agreed to do a signing with me. Bobby has just two Major League cards (81 Donruss & Topps) in addition to a couple of Minor League issues. The card you will most recognize him on is the 1981 Topps Tim Raines RC. For those of you looking to complete...
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    Rudy May Private Signing Yankees Orioles Angeles Expos

    I held a private signing with Rudy May this past weekend. As seasoned collectors know, Mr May has been an elusive TTM signer and has a 0% rate on SCN. Here is your chance to add this former Angel, Oriole, Yankees, Expos toughie to your collection, dont miss out. I have the following cards...