1. W

    June 25th Granite Run Mall Media PA Brad Lidge, Kyle Kendrick,Mayberry JR more

    June 25th 2008 phils Brad Lidge ($55 auto, $10 for inscription) and Kyle Kendrick ($20 with free insciption) (more tba) We are still waiting on a few 2008 Phils to really turn this into a blockbuster. We'd like to thank our friends at AB sports and J&M for helping turn this from a show into...
  2. W

    June Granite Run SHow Brad Lidge and Kyle Kendrick with more SAt June 25th

    We are off to a good start for our June Granite Run Mall Show. Appearing Sat June 25th Brad "Lights Out" Lidge and Kyle Kendrick are set to appear. We are planning on adding several other 2008 Phils to these 2 team members Advance tickets are strongly recommended for Lidge. Last time we...
  3. S

    Kyle McClellan Private Signing

    We're having a private signing with Cardinals Reliever Kyle McClellan on January 15th. All items needed by January 11th. St. Louis Cardinals Reliever 2.27 ERA and 30 Holds in 2010 Season Kyle McClellan - Your Item - $15.00 Kyle McClellan - Your Card - $13.00 Kyle McClellan - Our...
  4. Basil Shabazz

    Kyle Wellwood

    New Vancouver Canuck and tough graph Kyle Wellwood is doing a free signing in Windsor, Ontario on saturday at Devonshire Mall.
  5. M

    Kyle Lowery and Alex Johnson signings

    The two Memphis Grizzlies draft picks are scheduled for the following signings: Wednesday July 5th--Will be signing during the 6th inning (approximately 8:30 pm) of the Memphis Redbirds game. Obviously a ticket to the baseball game will be needed. The Grizzlies site states the Redbirds are...
  6. patsfan9381

    Kyle Korver

    Where: BC Sports in the Moorestown Mall When: Saturday, March 4, 2006 Time: 3:00-4:30 PM * $15.00-Any Item