1. C

    Adam Oates, Mike Milbury, Stanley Morgan, Gooden, Ken Hodge, Oil Can Boyd, Bill Lee

    I only get 2 posts here a year, so making the most of them: My upcoming public signings at my sports card show at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield: Labor Day, September 5: Adam Oates, Mike Milbury, Stanley Morgan, Tom Yewcic Sunday, September 25: Dwight Gooden, Ken Hodge, Dennis "Oil Can"...
  2. F

    Stan Lee signing January 14

    I will be conducting another private signing with Stan Lee in January. If you would like some pieces and missed out on the last signing, here is your chance. We have photos in all sizes. $65 flats, and $75 for all others. Will be taking a limited amount of premiums. This includes Stan Lee's...
  3. Kyle Young

    Bill "Spaceman" Lee - Enfield, Conn. 12-13-13

    Got the following email. Not going, just passing along. Former Red Sox Great Bill "Spaceman" Lee Autograph Signing Enfield Mall Friday Night 12-13-13 7:00 P.M. - 8:30 P.M. 2008 Red Sox Hall of Famer 3 Times A 17 Game Winner 1973 All-Star 3.14 ERA - 1975 World...
  4. F

    Stan Lee Gauging Interest

    We are working on doing a private signing with Stan Lee around the middle of next month. Prices are $65 for flats only and will come with the Stan Lee hologram.
  5. hcbooker

    Free Lee Smith signing in St. louis area 2/25

    johnnymacs.com I went to this a couple of years ago when they had Whitey Herzog. This was the year before he was elected into the hall of fame. I got a bunch of stuff done and they had free photofiles available. I don't know if it will be that way or not this time. hcbooker
  6. SI KING

    CLIFF LEE PRIVATE SIGNING - JANUARY 2012 - Guage of interest.

    Hey Everyone!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! I hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday weekend.... GUAGE OF INTEREST POST TODAY.... HOPE TO GET A DEAL IN PLACE ASAP. I have a chance at potentially working with Phillies pitching ace Cliff Lee and his marketing / signing agent...
  7. xmartyx

    Lee High School signings 2012

    Got an email a week or so ago saying the Lee High School event was a go for 2012. As of right now, Denny McLain will be participating once again, along with Jacksonville Jaguars Cameron Bradfield. This time, I will be charging $8 for McLain. Not sure on a price for Bradfield at this time. I will...
  8. bluefan25

    Jeanette Lee help needed

    Her Black Widow tour is making a stop in Garland, TX on 5/18. She will be signing autographs. If anyone can attend and help in getting me a 2008 A&G card signed it would be appreciated. From what I understand, she is one per at these things... If anyone can help out, please LMK and we can...
  9. C

    Red Sox Bill Lee 12/26, Patriots Steve Grogan, 1/30, Mansfield, Mass.

    Red Sox legend Bill "Spaceman" Lee will be an autograph guest from 10:45-1 at my big sports card show on Sunday, December 26 at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Patriots legend Steve Grogan will be an autograph guest from 10:30-12:30 at my card show on Sunday, January 30, same...
  10. xmartyx

    Lee High School signings...

    Still a couple months away, but I figured I'd inform people as soon as I got the information and give people plenty of time to get stuff ready. I'll be helping out once again. Same as the past: I charge nothing for my help, please send proper amount of money/postage, tag everything. There in no...
  11. Rip8cp1

    Lee Thomas Private Signing August 18th

    I will be conducting a private signing with Lee Thomas on August 18th, 2010. I need all items by August 17th, 2010. 1962 All Star 1961 NY Yankees Cards - $12.00 Flats/Balls - $15.00 Bats/Jerseys - $20 Inscriptions - $5 I have baseballs available for $13.00 ea I have photos...
  12. Rip8cp1

    Lee Smith Private Signing August 18th

    I will be going to the JP Rock Solid White Plains show in August where I will be conducting a Private Signing with Lee Smith on August 19, 2010. I need all items by August 18th, 2010 $20 any item Free Inscriptions Have items mailed to: Chris Potter Sports 9722 Groffs Mill Dr Suite...
  13. M

    Lee Smith signing May 2nd

    STL Sports Collectors Online Calendar Click on the link for more info. Seems to be very reasonable prices.
  14. Kyle Young

    Lee McPhail - Bob Feller Museum

    Spreading the Word More info at Upcoming Events Lee MacPhail HOF98, Private Signing Items to be received by March 15th Lee MacPhailWe are happy to announce a private signing with the oldest member of the baseball hall of fame. A former administrator in Major League Baseball. MacPhail...
  15. LegendsoftheField

    Derrek Lee Cubs Signing 8/27

    This Summer at Legends of the Field – Gurnee Mills Mall Grand Opening Signing at Legends New Super Store Derek Lee - Chicago Cubs Thursday 8/27/2009 Derrek Lee ( 1st Public Signing in over 2 Years) The Toughest Chicago Cub Autograph to obtain is finally possible Only 200 Tickets available...
  16. C

    Bill Lee, public signing, 5/25, Mansfield, MA

    Red Sox legend Bill "Spaceman" Lee will be appearing from 10:30 to 1 at my sports card show at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, Mass. on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25. Mail order autograph on your baseball card, $9 plus SASE. Mail order autograph on your "any other item", $11 plus return...
  17. L

    Lee Smith - Show this weekend

    Long shot at this late date I know but is anyone going to this show? I meant to do a mail order for Lee Smith on a '96 Studio card and got tied up finally getting my old house sold and just plain forgot to send it out. I know it's a real long shot that anyone is going AND has this card but...
  18. unclemoe

    Ferguson Jenkins / Lee Smith in Mesa, AZ

    I don't have all of the specifics but Lee Smith and Fergie Jenkins will be in Mesa at Sluggos on Saturday March 10th. The phone number to call for more info is: (480) 844-8448 moe.
  19. sigman101

    Former Chicago Cub Lee Smith

    I saw this on the Frontier League website: http://www.frontierleague.com/cgi-bin/dist/news.cgi?id=1165280305 If anyone is going to this and could help me with a 50/50 on this former MLB player, please let me know. Thanks alot for looking.