1. crabbygraphs

    George "Doc" Medich Private Signing - May 25, 2015 - Former Yankee, Ranger, Pirate

    Spoke with Mr. Medich and he has agreed to meet up and do another signing. Right now this is scheduled for May 25, 2015. Prices are very reasonable. I will be handling all items and will try to take as may proof pictures as I can. Any questions, please ask. I will keep a running total in this...
  2. J

    Former Pirate JIMMY ANDERSON Private Signing

    APPROVED BY ALAN I just finished up my Wayne Gomes signing and he put me in touch with another local boy, Jimmy Anderson, former Pirates left-handed pitcher. Jimmy has been pretty hard to catch for the local guys like scoreset and myself. For those of you who are members on other boards...
  3. H

    Dick Davis former Brewer, Phillie, Pirate

    Just spoke to Greg of Gate X Autographs. Today he spoke to Dick Davis and he agreed to do a signing for him at the end of the month when he is in California. If you need him, you may want to contact Greg.
  4. alanmoore

    Jose Tabata, NEW Pirate Prospect Private Signing #3

    Jose Tabata, former Yankee MegaProspect and new Pirate prospect has agreed to do another private signing for our community at a discount. I explained to him how this autograph world works and how Pirates are in less demand than Yankees. This will most likely be the last signing with him until...