1. JBsouthFan

    Rick Ankiel FREE

    Rick signing tomorrow at Potomac Nationals game.
  2. C

    Satch Sanders May 30 Rick Middleton, Johnny Bucyk June 19, Mansfield, MA

    Celtics NBA Champ & Basketball Hall of Famer will be an autograph guests at my Memorial Day, May 30 card show form 11 to 1 at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, Mass. Bruins legends Rick Middleton & Johnny Bucyk will be autographs at my Sunday, June 19 card show, same location. For all the details...
  3. W

    Flyers 50 Goal Scorer& Stanley Cup Champ Rick McLeish Sat March 19th

    This Sat March 19th From 1-3 Flyers Multiple All Star and 50 Goal Scorer Rick McLeish Appearing at our store in Warminster PA www.poppel.com 267-980-5544 Autographs $15 each with full selection of Photos or bring your own item. Inscriptions are free with autograph purchase. Also feel free...
  4. W

    Flyers Sergei Borbosky AND Rick McLeish Mar 13th and 19th Warminster PA

    Meet 2 Flyers Greats 263 Marketplace, 700 York Rd, Warminster PA Sunday March 13th Meet Flyers Rookie goalie Sergei Bobrovsky autos $25 Will Sergei win ROY??? Is he the one who finally leads us to a cup win? Advance Tix epoppel@yahoo.com The Ultimate Collectibles and Autograph Show or...
  5. psugator02

    Rick Ankiel on Feb. 5 in Port St. Lucie

    Baseball: Port St. Lucie alumni game, featuring Rick Ankiel, set for Feb. 5 | High School Buzz Please do not PM me about this. I am not attending because I will be out of town. Even if i were in town, I would not drive 1:20 for Ankiel.
  6. Ju1cy

    rick ross oct 22nd,hal holbrook oct 24th,young jeezy oct 29th consignment

    anyone who is intereted in any of these 3, hal holbrook is here on october 24th,rick ross is here october 22nd,young jeezy is here october 29th, pm me if you are interested in any of these celebs. i will also listen to 50/50 opportunities hal holbrook $20 on any item,has won the most emmy...
  7. Ju1cy

    rick springfield book signing minnesota oct 16th 2010

    rick will be doing a book signing at the mall of america on october 16th, im willing to get a book signed for anyone who wants one for the cost of the book and $15 for my tiem and effort, it will include picture or video if him signing the book for you. also if anyone is interested alan...
  8. Rip8cp1

    Rick Auerbach private signing May 9

    Be one of the first to know of these signings by e mail. PM me with your name and e mail and I will update you on future private signings. I am happy to announce that I will be doing a private signing with Rick Auerbach on May 12, 2010. I need all items by May 9, 2010. Cards - $12.00...
  9. A

    Rick Dempsey

    Hey everybody. I am attending the MAB signing on December 12, 2009 and picked up the Orioles WSMVP package. It got me 20% off of Brooks Robinson ($59), Frank Robinson ($79) and Rick Dempsey ($20). I need the Brooks and Frank for a MVP poster I am working on but do not need the Dempsey. With...
  10. C

    Bruins Rick Middleton, Lyndon Byers, 7/4, Mansfield, MA

    Former Boston Bruins Rick Middleton & Lyndon Byers will be autograph guests at my big sports card show at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, Mass. on Saturday, the 4th of July. Middleton was a 3 time-all star & Byers was his "tough guy" teammate. For additional info on the card show including...
  11. JNP624

    Rick Dempsey signing?

    Can a premium member check signingshotline.com to see the details on Rick Dempsey's autograph signing in Maryland? Thanks!
  12. JBsouthFan

    Rick Ankiel, Curtis Pride, Tommy Hutton+

    Saturday 11/22/08 @ Roger Dean Stadium "Curtis Pride Wifflle ball world series" VIP's include: Tommy Hutton, Rick Ankiel. there is a "Celebrity game as well as 1:05 on the main field, no idea who else will be there, I assume normal South Florida "Celebs"
  13. A

    Private Signing: Former MLB Pitcher Rick White

    rick white former mlb pitcher private signing alan moore approved signing is to take place september 10. Rick played for 11 teams in his major league career from 94-07: Reds, phillies, mets, pirates, white sox, rockies, astros, mariners, indians, devil rays, cardinals he has alot of...
  14. topprospect16

    Rick Asadoorian Private Signing 3/14/08

    On March 14, 2008 we will host a private signing with Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Rick Asadoorian. A former #1 Draft Pick of the Boston Red Sox, Rick is a converted outfielder currently in Dodgers Camp. I have been in contact with Rick over the past few weeks, and this signing is well...
  15. kjamidon

    does anyone need Rick Whites autograph??

    He is back in town and just tossin in out there, to see how many people may actually need him.If there is enough people that need him, i will call and see if he has an afternoon to sign. I know he is not on the level of what Alan and Sean are doing, but, i now he has a lot of cards and been in...