1. M

    Mariano Rivera SPECIAL CARD PRICING 4/12/16

    Hi all, Have special card pricing for Mariano Rivera for the 1st 50 cards I receive. All items will need to be in my hands by Tuesday, April 12. I AM ALSO ABLE TO TAKE ALL OTHER ITEMS AS WELL. I AM UNABLE TO POST THE PRICING PUBLICLY, BUT FEEL FREE TO PM ME HERE, ON SCAN, E-MAIL ME AT...
  2. M

    Mariano Rivera via Steiner Private signing

    Taking items for Mariano Rivera via Steiner. Need all items by Saturday, December 5 . These will be signed some time in December/early January. When I have an exact date, I will post it up. NOTE: DEADLINE WILL PROBABLY CHANGE AS TIME NEARS $285 any item $100 inscription This is more of a...
  3. M

    Mariano Rivera via Steiner signing need items by 12/2

    Pricing on Mariano this go around: Need all items by Tuesday, December 2. These will be signed 2nd week of December and you'll have them back in time for the holidays! PLEASE PM ME FOR PRICE as I am not able to post it online. Please mail items to: Mike Wernick 13 Avenue C Bayonne, NJ 07002...
  4. M

    Mariano Rivera Private Signing via Steiner Discount Pricing!

    Taking more items..see below.
  5. J

    Ben Rivera signing - 2/15/2012 - Phillies/Braves pitcher from 1992-1994

    Ben Rivera spent parts of 3 seasons in the major leagues. He played for the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies during his career. Ben did have one appearance in the NLCS as well as one appearance in the World Series, both in 1993. Ben isn't a local guy so this signing will be just like my...
  6. SI KING

    2 BASEBALL DINNERs - Thome, Brooks, Mattingly, Torre, Posada, Rivera and more

    Hi All, I'll be attending a baseball charity dinner in NYC on November 3rd, offering to take consignments. Items needed by November 2nd (sorry for the short notice here). More notice on next dinner... see below. Jim Thome $75 Don Mattingly $50 Brooks Robinson $25 Steve Garvey $20...
  7. Rip8cp1

    Jim Rivera Private Signing August 18th

    I will be conducting a private signing with Jim Rivera on August 18th, 2010. I need all items by August 17th, 2010. 1959 Go Go Sox "Jungle Jim" Cards - $12.00 Flats/Balls - $15.00 Bats/Jerseys - $20.00 I have baseballs available for $13.00 ea I have photos available for $5.00 ea...
  8. WiseAndEck

    Erick Aybar and Juan Rivera Public Signing - May 15

  9. dwright5-3B

    Mariano Rivera, Robinson Cano, Michael Strahan, Don Zimmer, Mel Stottlemyre

    Rivera: Dec. 10 Last Licks Armonk, NY 395 Main Street Armonk, NY 914-273-3551 Cano: Dec. 11 Last Licks Scarsdale, NY 1074 Wilmont Road; The Golden Horseshoe Scarsdale, NY 914-725-5932 Strahan: Dec. 20 Last Licks Scarsdale Stottlemyre and Zimmer: Jan. 15 Last Licks Thornwood...