Mariano Rivera Private Signing via Steiner Discount Pricing!

They have given me the same pricing structure so if you're interested, please setup a TM. I'd like to get everything in hand within 2 weeks or so if possible so I can get them the items quickly so they have them when Mo decides to show up.

Cards $230 Flats/Balls 250, Equipment 300 Inscriptions $85

Please mail items to:

Mike Wernick
13 Avenue C
Bayonne, NJ 07002

If sending a personal check with your item, please make check out to Michael Wernick. If paying by PayPal (fees covered), please send to .

Please also include a SASE, prep your item, and put a Post It with where you want the item signed, which color, and any inscription (if any).

don't make the prices guys. I'm just trying to offer as much of a price cut as possible to you all. If you don't like the pricing, don't get in. Plain and simple. But keep your opinions about Steiner to yourself. They could have easily told me to go F*ck myself and gave me the pricing they are charging on their site. That didn't happen. I knew I wouldn't get any interest on this site, but figured I would put it out there anyway. Good luck to you all.
$250 for a MO ball is a good price with a Steiner Cert. Wish I had the extra cash sitting around
I totally agree I wish I had the extra money to I would totally be down to get his rookie bowman signed.