1. alanmoore

    Todd Helton, Josh Beckett, Jerry Rice and Ivan Pudge Rodriguez Signings

    These are 4 signings I am sending items in for and wanted to share them in case you need any of these guys as well. Todd Helton - Future MLB Hall of Famer! -Price per signature: -Flats (up to 11x14) & baseballs: $45 -Bats/Jerseys: $85 each -Inscriptions: $25 each -All items & payment must be...
  2. J

    HENRY RODRIGUEZ (Oh Henry) - OFer - Private Signing - 9/29/13 - need by 9/21/13

    This is a HENRY RODRIGUEZ (OFer) private signing - baseball cards only. Teams: Los Angeles Dodgers 1992–1995 Montreal Expos 1995–1997, 2002 Chicago Cubs 1998–2000 Florida Marlins 2000 New York Yankees 2001 Career Highlights: 1996 All Star HR Derby participant in 1996 Price: $7...
  3. J

    Francisco "Frankie" Rodriguez - Red Sox/Twins/Mariners/Reds - 0% TTM

    Francisco "Frankie" (who now goes by Frank) Rodriguez spent parts of 7 seasons in the major leagues. He played for the Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins, Seattle Mariners, and Cincinatti Reds during his career. Frank isn't a local guy so this signing will be just like my Desi Relaford and Brian...
  4. M

    Ivan Rodriguez private signing

    Just got this info in an email from Tom Orr: Private Signing Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez Texas Rangers (1991–2002) Florida Marlins (2003) Detroit Tigers (2004–2008) New York Yankees (2008) Houston Astros (2009) Texas Rangers (2009) Washington Nationals (2010-present) AL Most...
  5. M

    Ivan Rodriguez 4/10/10 Steiner Roosevelt Field

    Anyone going to this? Want to know if anyone can get me a ball signed and COA. Will be away that weekend. Please PM me or shoot me an e-mail at Thanks in advance, Mike
  6. SI KING

    ALEX RODRIGUEZ Private signing

    ALEX RODRIGUEZ PRIVATE SIGNING There’s no need to spend $275 - $550 through the larger companies to get your SI magazines, cards, photos, balls, jerseys and bats signed. Finally… you can complete your SI needs and get your card sets filled with one of the greatest players EVER to play the...
  7. Rioromes

    Alex Rodriguez

    A private signing for A-Rod. Check out these bargains!:eek: MVP Marketing & Management's Official 2007 AL MVP Private Signing with ALEX RODRIGUEZ DECEMBER 13, 2007 Mail Order Due By: Tuesday Dec. 11, 2007 MVP Marketing and Management would like to invite you to celebrate AROD's...
  8. sprtsstar4ever

    Alex Rodriguez Book Signing: Books & Books, Coral Gables FL....

    I wasn't sure if there was a thread for this book signing, but here it is: Time: Thursday, February 8, 2007 5:00 PM Location: Books & Books, Coral Gables Third baseman for the New York Yankees (and hometown hero), Alex Rodriguez, known to millions of baseball fans as “ARod,†has twice...
  9. justinj31

    Alex Rodriguez 2/6/07 1:00 PM at B&N– Fifth Avenue. New York, NY

    Alex Rodriguez, all star baseball player, signing copies of Out of the Ballpark 2/6/07 1:00 PM at B&N– Fifth Avenue. New York, NY.

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