1. R

    Scott Norwood Public/Private signing

    Please to announce a public / Private signing with Scott Norwood. Birmingham Stallions (USFL) (1983-1984) Buffalo Bills (1985-1991) Career highlights and awards 1× Pro Bowl selection (1988) 1× All-Pro selection (1988) Missed the Game winning kick in Superbowl XXV Date Jan 31...
  2. M

    Ewing via Steiner January signing

    The Ewing signing looks to be scheduled for Tuesday, January 15th, so, for now, I would need all items/payments by Wednesday, January 9. If the dates change, I will let you all know. Please put your interest here and what you plan on sending. Same prices $125 flats/$250 equipment. If those...
  3. psugator02

    Artis Gilmore (basketball) signing - 3/22/14

    CSD Sports is proud to present its FIRST PRIVATE SIGNING!!! * Featuring... * Artis Gilmore * HOF 2011 6X NBA and 5X ABA All-Star ABA All-Time Team * Your Items Flats-$25 + SASE Premiums-$55 + SASE Inscriptions-$10 * Any item*and/or inscription*may be rejected by Mr. Gilmore at his...
  4. R

    CHuck Wepner private signing 11/23

    Chuck Wepner "Bayonne Bleeder" fought ALI, Liston and Foreman inspiration for "Rocky" movies wrestled Andre the Giant flats $15 Gloves, Trunks, robes and belts $20 inscriptions $5 need items by Nov 21 will have pictures available of SI cover, fight with ALI, and wrestling Andre...
  5. SI KING

    ROCCO BALDELLI Private Signing - Redsox / Rays - Items by Nov. 10, 2013

    Hey Everyone, Offering a private signing with former Rays & Redsox player ROCCO BALDELLI. Was never the easiest of signatures for me so I'm happy to offer this to anyone who needs him. Cards only $20 per signature with $3 return S&H. All other flats (SI magazines, 8x10's, envelopes)...
  6. T

    Randall Cobb signing in Sheboygan

    Randall Cobb is signing Monday Sept 23 from 6-8pm at the grand opening of CellCom in Sheboygan, WI.