1. mattwhit

    Super Bowl 48 Free Autograph Signings

    I'm a native New Jerseyite who'll be in North Jersey for the big game. Anyone with info on free signings, etc please post them here. I've seen this thus far. Super Bowl 2014 fan guide: NFL 'Boulevard' on Broadway |
  2. SI KING


    Hey Everyone! My "Super Bowl" show of shows is coming up on December 10-11 here in New Jersey. This is the show that's fashioned after my historic collecton of 13,000 signed Sports Illustrated magazines. I am personally bringing 2 stars to the show... UCLA Legend Sidney Wicks & Kentucky...
  3. Shawn_E.

    DFW Metroplex / Super Bowl Events

    Post them here. Party for the People Tailgate Tour
  4. J

    Leon McFadden (super tough) Rare Colt 45's Astros

    Ok for all you who have needed Leon McFadden over the years.. Here is your opportunity... I will be holding a private signing with Leon on May 5th. Leon has been elusive for over 40 years.. He has just two Topps cards, 1969 Topps #165 and 1970 Topps #672 (high#). I will also have 8x10's...
  5. R

    GTSM Super Ticket?

    I'm considering buying a Super Ticket for the San Jose show. Does anybody know how they arrange those? When you purchase, do they just give you a handful of individual tickets to the players they correspond to, or do you get one ticket that you carry around and is good for everything? Does the...
  6. B

    G-Men Super show

    Don't know if this has been posted, but I got excited being a diehard Giants fan. Hate the fact that I live in TX now, but I will have to find a way to go. Giants Super Show
  7. unclemoe

    Super Bowl-related signings in Miami

    Does anyone live in Miami? Are there any good retired players doing any signings in the area this week? If anyone has any stories from this years Super Bowl or previous years, I wouldn't mind hearing them. I remember there was a lot going on in Phoenix when Super Bowl XXX was here. moe.
  8. B

    Super Bowl MVPS tristar show

    tristar will be hosting a show that they call the super bowl mvps show. Will be on march 10-11 2005 in secaucus,nj at the meadowlands exposition center and is 10 minutes away from new york city. I will definetely be going and here are some of the players who will be going and i will also...