Jack Lambert Private Signing..Need Items by May 29


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Feb 5, 2010
I have been working on getting this signing together for a little while and it is ready to go. I have talked to Jack's people and we are going to do a mail in signing. I would have loved to do an inperson private signing but Jack wanted no less than $15,000 to do that. I will be mailing all items to them May 31, 2014. The signing is scheduled to take place in early June. All items will come with his "Lambert58" sticker. He will add HOF 1990 free of charge to all items. I will only be accepting flats up to 11x14 due to mailing these in. I may do one in the future for any item. But right now this is limited to flats up to 11x14.

I will accept paypal (plus $1.75 per item to cover fees), postal money orders or cash (at your own risk). I also ask that you include a SASE to get your item back to you. Please label the back of your item so I know who to send it back to. Price is as follows:

All flat items up to 11x14 - $45

If you would like a total to know what to paypal me, please send me a pm. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I would like to have all items and payments in hand by May 29. That will give me a day to get everything together to mail out on May 31.

I am also trying to work a signing with Joe Greene. Details to follow once something is worked out.