Jimmy Anderson Private Signing - Pirates/Reds/Cub/Red Sox/Marlins - $


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Jun 5, 2008
Chesapeake, VA
Jimmy Anderson Private Signing - Pittsburgh Pirates/Cincinatti Reds/Chicago Cubs/Boston Red Sox/Florida Marlins - $1.50 per item

I am friends with Jimmy Anderson so I asked him if he would be interested in doing another signing with me. I have already done 1 signing on SportsGraphing.com with Jimmy and he is extremely easy to work with.

Jimmy is another local buy from Chesapeake, VA and still lives hear.

Jimmy spent 6 years in the major leagues and played for the following teams/organizations during his career:
1999-2002 - Pittsburgh Pirates
2003 - Cincinatti Reds
2004 - Chicago Cubs/Boston Red Sox
2006 - Florida Marlins

I will need all items by Saturday, 1/08/2011.

Please make sure your items are prepped and tagged with a sticky note on the back with your username, or some sort of way to recognize what goes to who.

This signing will take place the 2nd week in January - sometime between 1/10/2011 and 1/14/2011. I usually meet Jimmy at the local sports bar to have a drink and catch up.

I would prefer to accept a check, but can accept paypal(you must pay the fees), money order, or cash. My paypal address is dahamma7@aol.com. Also, please don't expect an every letter auto for this price tag. Jimmy has been out of the game and has a standard signature he gives. If you have something really oddball or nice and you request it, I can see what I can do but a vast majority of the cards will be signed with the standard signature.

Please mail items to:
Kevin Heninger
1521 Midhurst Court
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

SASE is required unless we work something out for return shipping.

I will also be doing signings with John Curtice, Howard Stevens, Tim Hummel, and Jimmy around the same time frame. Thanks.