1. M

    Mariano Rivera SPECIAL CARD PRICING 4/12/16

    Hi all, Have special card pricing for Mariano Rivera for the 1st 50 cards I receive. All items will need to be in my hands by Tuesday, April 12. I AM ALSO ABLE TO TAKE ALL OTHER ITEMS AS WELL. I AM UNABLE TO POST THE PRICING PUBLICLY, BUT FEEL FREE TO PM ME HERE, ON SCAN, E-MAIL ME AT...
  2. M

    Jeter via Steiner...need all items by October 5. SPECIAL CARD PRICING!

    NOTE NEW DEADLINE DATE! Taking items for Jeter via Steiner. Need all items by Saturday, October 17. These will be signed some time in October. When I have an exact date, I will post it up. PLEASE PM ME FOR PRICE as I am not able to post it online. SPECIAL PRICING ON CARDS THIS TIME! This is...
  3. crabbygraphs

    Robert Morris Card Show May 15-17-2015 Discounted Pricing

    I will be attending the May Robert Morris "Spring" Show in Pittsburgh, PA and can offer discounted prices for the autograph guests. 1. A TM needs to be set up. 2. Every item needs to be tagged with username, color of sharpie and placement. (Phone # if you feel comfortable in case I need to get...

    Dewon Brazelton Private Signing - $1 per card!

    I recently got in touch with former major league pitcher and 3rd overall pick in the 2001 MLB Draft - Dewon Brazelton, who agreed to sign whatever we can send him for $1 per card with the money going toward his son's education. He was usually a guy that would sign but would never just hit a ton...