1. J

    Don Stanhouse Private Signing 7/16/2016

    I'm conducting a special signing with former All Star Don Stanhouse. Don will be signing at a card show in the Dallas area in conjunction with Past Pros, and I'll be coordinating the back room signing. All items will be signed in person. This is not a mail in signing. At this point I can...
  2. C

    Nate Archibald Ernie DiGregorio, Gerry Cheevers, Andy Moog, Don McKenney, Wilbur Wood

    We have some great (& affordable) autograph guests at my card show at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, Massachusetts Sunday, March 1: Celtics legends Nate "Tiny" Archibald & Ernie DiGregorio Sunday, March 22: Bruins legends Andy Moog, Gerry Cheevers & Don McKenney Sunday, April 19: Red Sox...
  3. C

    Micky Ward, Shawn Thornton, Gino Cappelletti, Bill Rodgers, Riddick Bowe Don Marcotte

    I only get 2 posts a year, so making the most of them. My upcoming autograph guests -- all at my card show at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, Mass.: Labor Day, September 1: boxer Micky Ward (portrayed in the movie "The Fighter"), Bruins Shawn Thornton, Patriots HOFers Gill Santos & Gino...
  4. C

    Ken Hodge, Don Awrey, Gary Doak, Brad Park, Dave Cowens, Cedric Maxwell, more

    Upcoming Autograph Guests -- all public signings at my card show at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, Mass. Ken Hodge, Don Awrey, Gary Doak, Ronnie Lippett - Memorial Day Brad Park, Jose Santiago, Rawly Eastwick, Billy Conigliaro -- June 15 Dave Cowens, Cedric Maxwell, Christian Fauria -- July...
  5. C

    Don Maynard Signing on 5/2

    I am doing a private signing with Don on May 2nd. Will need all items by 4/30 to ensure I get everything in time. Pricing is as follows: $20 - cards, GLAC, small flats up to 11x14 $25 - anything else All items will be inscribed with HOF 87 unless specified not to. Please mail items...
  6. B

    WWE: Don Muraco

    a local shop by me is having him come in on June 1st @ $15 an item if anyone needs him or if there is enough interest ill attend the signing and get everyones items done. would like at least 6-10 people lmk - would need all items and payment in hand by May 31st. thank you Antonio
  7. C

    Milt Schmidt Don Marcotte Joe Andruzzi, March 4, Gene Conley March 18 Mansfield, MA

    Bruins legends & Stanley Cup champs Milt Schmidt & Don Marcotte along with Patriots 3 time Super Bowl Champ Joe Andruzzi will be autograph guests at my sports card show on Sunday, March 4 at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, Mass. Baseball & basketball legend Gene Conley will be an autograph...
  8. E

    Any upcoming Don Mattingly signings?

    anyone know of any?
  9. C

    Bill Sharman, George Scott, Don Marcotte, August 15, Mansfield, Mass.

    Public autograph appearances, Sunday, August 15, big sports card show, Holiday Inn, Mansfield, Massachusetts rare appearance by Celtics 4 time NBA Champ & NBA "Top 50" player Bill Sharman. Sharman is one of only 3 people to be inducted into the basketball hall of fame as player & coach Red...
  10. Rip8cp1

    Don Shaw Private Signing August 18th

    I will be conducting a private signing with Don Shaw on August 18th, 2010. I need all items by August 17th, 2010. NY Mets Cards - $12.00 Flats/Balls - $15.00 Bats/Jerseys - $20 I have baseballs available for $13.00 ea I have photos available for $5.00 ea Have items mailed to...
  11. Rip8cp1

    Don Newcombe private signing May 9

    Be one of the first to know of these signings by e mail. PM me with your name and e mail and I will update you on future private signings. I will be doing a private signing with Don Newcombe on May 12, 2010. I need all items by May 9, 2010. 1949 NL ROY, 1956 Cy Young, 1956 NL MVP, 1955 WS...
  12. S

    '69 Cub Don Young Private Signing

    My name is Sam Lynagh,collector since 1972,living in Philly. Friend of Alan Moores for 15 years or so. I am having Don Young of '69 Cubs fame (or infamy) for a private signing at the end of February. All items are $25+SASE.My address is Sam Lynagh 615 Christian St. Phila PA 19147. My personal...
  13. Kyle Young

    Flag this message Jan 15th - 17th, 2010 - Don Mattingly and Rod Carew.. White Plains

    White Plains Sports Card Shows - Shows For JP's Sports Promotions Baseball Card Shows in White Plains New York NY and through out Long Island and Connecticut - White Plains New York Sports Memorabilia Autograph Signing Shows - New York, Long Island & Mattingly Carew Randolph Nettles Dent...
  14. Kyle Young

    Don Mattingly, Dec. 19th. - Bob Feller Museum

    Just got email from Bob Feller Museum Don Mattingly, Dec. 19th. 10:30-12:30, Tickets are Limited Member Pricing Ball/flat, $50 - purchase tickets>> Equipment, $60 - purchase tickets> Bats/jerseys. $70 - purchase tickets> Inscriptions $20 - purchase tickets> Non Member Pricing...
  15. J

    Don Mattingly in Upstate NY 12/12

    Here is a link to his appearance in Syracuse: Don Mattingly signing event December 12th 2009 - Seventh Inning Stretch of Cooperstown, New York I believe he'll also have others in two different locations, can't find them though.
  16. C

    Don McKenney, Jim Corsi, Providence Bruins, 11/11, Mansfield, MA

    Bruins & Maple Leafs legend Don McKenney, former Red Sox & Oakland A Jim Corsi & 2 Providence Bruins players will be autograph guests at my sports card show on Veterans Day, Wednesday, November 11 at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, Mass. The specific Providence Bruins will be announced 1 week...
  17. C

    Don Larsen/Bob Feller Signing on Sept. 26th

    As a member of the New York Yankees from 1955-1959, Larsen was used by manager Casey Stengel as a backup starter and occasional reliever. He went 45-24 during his five seasons in New York, making 90 starts in 128 appearances. His 1956 season was the best of Larsen's career; adopting a no-windup...
  18. V

    don newcomb signing in fl?

    does anyone know of any don newcomb signings coming up in florida? need him on a 55 world seires poster as he is the last living member i can get on it. any ifon would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  19. clarendoncm

    Don Perkins and Duke Snider- Sports Collectibles of Houston

    Sat. 11-03-2007 Duke Snider and Don Perkins Autograph Signing Live Oak Civic Center 8101 Pat Booker Rd Live Oak, TX 78233
  20. justinj31

    Don Mattingly 6/11/07 Noon nyc

    Don Mattingly, former Yankees slugger, signing copies of Don Mattingly’s Hitting is Simple 6/11/07 Noon at Barnes & Noble – Fifth Avenue. 6/11/07 Noon ,new york NY.