1. W

    This Sunday Oct 23 Lesean McCoy,Claude Giroux, Mark HOWE Warminster PA

    Meet the top Flyers Scorer Claude Giroux ($25 autos) Customer appreciation prices. He typically sells for $40-$45 Sorry no mail order for Claude due to iminent sell out Eagles Superstar Running Back Lesean McCoy (just set mark for 6 td's in first 6 games of season-1 per game) When they...
  2. W

    Sun oct 23 mark Howe and lessen mccoy

    Both appearing in our store on Sunday oct 23. Poppel.com for more info
  3. R

    Mab show in Oct. 73 Mets reunion, adam west, BIlly dee williams and more

    I will be going to this show both days if anyone needs anything done and doesn;t want to pay mail order fees. All i ask for is a SASE to return the items in. heres the link to the line up MAB Celebrity Services - 73 Mets Reunion/Dynamic Duos Not all the prices are up yet but definitely...
  4. Ju1cy

    rick ross oct 22nd,hal holbrook oct 24th,young jeezy oct 29th consignment

    anyone who is intereted in any of these 3, hal holbrook is here on october 24th,rick ross is here october 22nd,young jeezy is here october 29th, pm me if you are interested in any of these celebs. i will also listen to 50/50 opportunities hal holbrook $20 on any item,has won the most emmy...
  5. JermDa1

    Michael Vick, Desean Jackson, Brandon Graham, Jeremy Maclin & Lesean Mccoy Oct 17th

    You wanted these guys, I made it happen. I need all items by october 15th at the latest.
  6. Ju1cy

    tom green oct 7th-9th and tj miller oct 21st-24th comedy stops at mall of america

    tom green will be here from october 7th-9th i am willing to take items for consignment for $10 an autograph plus s and h. or you can buy a photo which i can try and get done and the whole thing will cost $15 delivered. tj miller will be here october 21st-24th.he is an up and coming comedian who...
  7. Ju1cy

    rick springfield book signing minnesota oct 16th 2010

    rick will be doing a book signing at the mall of america on october 16th, im willing to get a book signed for anyone who wants one for the cost of the book and $15 for my tiem and effort, it will include picture or video if him signing the book for you. also if anyone is interested alan...
  8. T

    Mike Pelfrey, Koyie Hill, Nate Robertson, Kevin Hooper Signing Oct. 30 Mail In Order

    Mike Pelfrey $25 Koyie Hill $15 Nate Robertson $10 Kevin Hooper $10 All items must be received by October 29, 2010. Must include return postage. Signing is being held at West Side Athletic Field at Noon in Wichita, KS. Contact Shawn at 316-943-1620 or email: gizow76@hotmail.com...
  9. mars2001

    AFL - Hendu’s 2009 Road Trip (Tucson Electric Park) Oct 23-26, 2009

    Hendu’s 2009 Road Trip 10/23/09 to 10/26/09 Location Kino Sports Complex (Tucson Electric Park) 2500 East Ajo Way Tucson, AZ, 85713 (206) 227-2555 (Phone) Website >> Dave Henderson, Shooty Babitt, Greg Cadaret, Mike Davis [MLB], Gil Heredia If you grew up dreaming of being a...
  10. Skizzick

    Wachovia Spectrum "Last Stroll"- Sat Oct. 24

    They are having an open house to say goodbye to the Spectrum in Philadelphia. I'm gonna miss this place. It was where Rocky beat Apollo Creed, but that was fiction. It was also where the Flyers and Sixers won all of their Championships, but I wasn't born for that. Nevertheless, I will miss it...
  11. DallasFan

    Chuck Liddell Paid Signing San Antonio, Oct 10th

    Going over the WEC website, they are listing a signing with Chuck Liddell before their event at the AT&T center on the 10th. All you need is a ticket to the event, which I was able to find online for 30 bucks. The signing is from 4-6pm. Might be willing to try a 50/50 but there isn't a lot of...
  12. TheBhamBaron

    Sid Bream at Turner Field, Sunday, Oct. 4th

    Is anyone going to this? I'd love to get a Bream-signed ROMLB. If you could help me out, please PM. Thanks! ________ JING GONG G608 AIRSOFT ELECTRIC
  13. T

    Pete Rose/Ken Stabler Las Vegas Oct 23-27

    Anyone do this event that Pete Rose seems to have been booked all year @ Caesars' Coliseum Hotel .Also Ken Stabler booked with him during the above dates .Will be in Vegas ... should i do this ?....How much for graphs ? Can u get more than one at one price ? any info helpful ...
  14. Laws

    St. Louis 3 Day show (lots of signers) Oct 26-28

    Thought I would post this for you guys out there as mail order is an option and some of the toughies who don't sign TTM will be there in attendance. http://www.stlsportscollectors.com//Images/Oct26_07.jpg http://www.stlsportscollectors.com//Images/Oct27_07.jpg...
  15. MorpheusDreamweaver

    Oct. 21: Joe Morris at NJ Verizon Wireless store

    As part of their Grand Opening, the Verizon Wireless store at 1020 Cozzens Lane in North Brunswick, NJ is scheduled to have former Giants running back Joe Morris, on hand to greet customers and sign autographs from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 21. If anyone is planning to attend, I'd...