1. SI KING


    Hey Everyone... Announcing...Former Kansas State QB and Heisman Trophy Runner Up....COLLIN KLEIN AUTOGRAPH SIGNING. $30 per signature (flats) or 2 for $50. (plus $7 S&H) $35 for all premium or other items If anyone is interested, please email me direct at
  2. J

    DeAngelo Hall Private Signing - August 4th - need all items by July 29th

    DeAngelo Hall Private Signing Pricing: Cards - $13 each Flats up to 11x14 - $18 each If you're interested in other items, please PM me. Discounts available for 10+ items. Signing will take place on August 4th. All items need to be received by July 29th. Payments accepted...
  3. B

    Rickey Henderson Private Signing - August 2013

    This is my 3rd scheduled signing with Rickey Henderson. It is a private signing I am doing with him and his agent directly. The signing is August 10th. ALL ITEMS DUE 07/31/2013 NO EXCEPTIONS Please feel free to PM or email me at with any questions! PRICING...
  4. SI KING

    Jonny Gomes - Boston Redsox Private signing - Due July 14, 2013

    Jonny Gomes Private signing Pricing is $49 per signature on any item. (cards are $39) Baseballs, SI magazines, cards, envelopes, jerseys... anything. I can't accept baseball bats on this one. Return S&H is $7 for all small flats (up to 5 magazines) and $15 for multiple items and...
  5. huffman

    Kirk McCaskill - Private Signing - April 27th - $10 ANY ITEM

    I'm excited to announce that i've set up a private signing with former MLB Pitcher, Kirk McCaskill on April 27th. All items must be delivered to me by April 26th. Kirk does not touch his mail and I know a ton of people need him on their set cards from the late 80's and early 90's. All...
  6. J

    ROGER BROWN Private Signing - 4/6/13 - need all items by 3/30

    Roger Brown Private Signing - 6x Pro Bowler and 2x First Team All-Pro! Roger will be attending the CSA show as a forward area guest signing autographs for $15 per item. I have been given the chance to get cards signed at a discounted price. I can take all other items as well, but they would...
  7. J

    STANLEY MORGAN Private Signing - Patriots/Colts - 7/15/13 - need all items by 7/8/13

    Stanley Morgan Private Signing - 4x Pro Bowler! Stanley is great TTM but some people don't want to risk sending certain items so here is your chance as prices are very low. Teams: New England Patriots: 1977-1989 Indianapolis Colts: 1990 Prices: Cards - $4 per All other items -...
  8. J

    OSCAR GAMBLE Private Signing - 4/15/13 - need all items by 4/8/13

    Oscar Gamble Private Signing - limited to 150 items (first come first served) Teams: Chicago Cubs: 1969 Philadelphia Phillies: 1970-72 Cleveland Indians: 1973-75 New York Yankees: 1976, 1979-84 Chicago White Sox: 1977, 1985 San Diego Padres: 1978 Texas Rangers: 1979 Prices: Cards - $7 per...
  9. R

    Dave Stieb private signing

    Dave Stieb ( limited 100 cards) Teams Toronto Blue Jays (1979–1992) Chicago White Sox (1993) Toronto Blue Jays (1998) This is a card signing only ( limited to 100 cards) Your items: 1-5 cards......$15 each + SASE 6-10 cards.....$14 each + SASE 11+ cards.....$13 each + SASE no...
  10. alanmoore

    Ravens HOF JONATHAN OGDEN Private Signing 2/27/13

    Sportsgraphing and LGC Sports Marketing are proud to announce a private signing with 2013 NFL HOF inductee Jonathan Ogden. I will be attending the event and getting all members items signed before the public appearance portion. Autograph fees are $75 which WILL include the HOF13...
  11. J

    John Smoltz Private signing - need all items by 01/24/13 (very cheap prices)

    John Smoltz has agreed to do a signing for Wayne Gomes charity to help raise some money. This signing is very similar to the Jimmy Rollins signing I did last year. 8 x All-Star 1992 NL NLCS MVP 1996 NL Cy Young 1996 NL TSN Pitcher of the Year 2002 NL Rolaids Relief 2005 ML Lou...
  12. SI KING


    Hey Everyone!! This one is for the die hard SI collectors... I have one here for you today that I thought I'd never see for a lifetime!! I just hooked up with former UCLA star REEVES NELSON!!! I'm announcing a private signing with him!! He has agreed to sign his SPORTS...
  13. tully420

    Corwin Malone (former White Sox pitching prospect) private signing

    I was recently talking with Corwin and he showed some interest in doing a signing. Don't have prices yet, I'm just looking to see the interest level.
  14. mrmain18

    Sean Casey private signing to benefit Miracle League Baseball

    Through another signing two years ago, we raised over $800 which helped to build a Miracle League field in southern Pittsburgh for children with disabilities. I am conducting another private signing with former Reds/Pirates/Tigers/Red Sox player Sean Casey to benefit his foundation, Casey’s...
  15. J

    JUAN NIEVES Private Signing - 11/30 (need by 11/21) - 28% TTM

    Juan Nievess spent parts of 3 seasons in the major leagues playing for the Milwaukee Brewers during his career. Juan threw a No-Hitter against the Baltimore Orioles on April 15th, 1987. Juan isn't a local guy so this signing will be just like some of my other signings. I will collect all the...
  16. R

    Ivan Nova, Ed Kranepool, and Art Shamsky private signings

    I have a private signing scheduled for all 3 on Nov 3rd. Ivan Nova $25 cards $30 flats balls $40 bats jersey and eqpt Art Shamsky and Ed Kranepool $12 cards $15 anything else need all items by Nov 1 message me for details and questions chris
  17. crabbygraphs

    Scott Lawson Private Signing Astros Rays Draft Pick All Items Needed by 10/12/12

    Just spoke with MLB player Scott Lawson. He would like to get a private signing setup. MDR will also be helping in the signing. Signing will take place at the end of October. I will need all items by October 12, 2012. The more items the better this will be. I know he has a 2010 Donruss Elite...
  18. J

    Hal McRae Private Signing - 0% TTM - need by 9/18/12

    Hal McRae has agreed to do a private signing with me and 100% of the proceeds will be going to his son, Brian McRae's charity. Hal spent parts of 19 seasons in the major leagues playing for the Cincinatti Reds and Kansas City Royals during his career. Hal isn't a local guy so this signing...
  19. J

    Brian McRae Private Signing - 9/22/12 (need all items by 9/18/12)

    Brian McRae has agreed to do a private signing with me and 100% of the proceeds will be going to his charity. Brian spent parts of 10 seasons in the major leagues playing for the Kansas City Royals, Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, Colorado Rockies, and Toronto Bluejays during his career. He was...
  20. J

    RJ Reynolds Private Signing - 8/18/12 (need by 8/14/12) - Impossible TTM graph!

    RJ Reynolds spent parts of 8 seasons in the major leagues playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Pittsburgh Pirates during his career. RJ isn't a local guy so this signing will be just like a lot of my other signings. I will collect all the items and send 1 package to RJ to sign and return...