1. F

    Hakeem Olajuwon private signing 7/20/11

    Fiterman Sports Group is proud to announce a private signing with HAKEEM OLAJUWON on July 20, 2011. There will be no in person signing, but as usual, we will be accepting all mail-in items. Please see website for details at Home If you have questions PM me or email me at...
  2. O

    Julio Teheran Private Signing - Onyx Authenticated

    JULIO TEHERAN PRIVATE SIGNING Sponsored by Onyx Authenticated When: July 30, 2011 Cost: $20.00 per signature for balls, cards and 8x10's $25.00 per signature for all other items $5.00 per inscription $5.00 for return shipping Onyx Authenticated exclusive client...
  3. Kyle Young

    Tulo Private Signing - Early June

    Just got an email about this: Colorado Rockies Troy Tulowitzki Private Signing Latitude Sports Marketing Take Advantage of our Special Presale Now Available until May 31, 2011 $99 to send in your item to be signed Presale Prices - Tulo Merchandise Available NOW...
  4. H

    Peyton Hillis Private signing

    I will be sitting down with him again in late May early June to have some items knocked out. Pricing is as follows sorry for the increase $ 30.00 any item no inscriptions Need all items by the 27th the latest I have the following Browns and Arkansas mini's $ 20.00 8x10's (various shots) $...
  5. 3

    Private Signing - Former MLB All-Star Pat Tabler

    PRIVATE SIGNING ANNOUNCEMENT: FORMER ALL-STAR PAT TABLER!!! A buddy of mine is a personal friend of Pat Tabler’s and he wanted to extend this very special offer of a private signing with the former All-Star to all of the ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ readers and members of
  6. lawandorder

    Steve Smith Carolina Panthers WR Private Signing 7/24/2011

    Private Mail In Signing with Carolina Panthers WR Steve Smith Flats: $45 (ANY size) Mini Helmets/Logo Footballs/Flags/Banners/Misc Items: $55 Jerseys/FS Helmets: $70 Inscriptions: $10 Triple Crown Inscription: $25 (includes ALL the stats associated with that award) Any "Game Used"...
  7. F

    Nolan Ryan Private signing 6/28/11

    Fiterman Sports Group is proud to announce a private signing with NOLAN RYAN on June 28, 2011. There will be no in person signing, but as usual, we will be accepting all mail-in items. Please see website for details at Home If you have questions PM me or email me at
  8. G

    Chipper Jones Brian McCann Private Signing 5/31

    hey guys, just got this in a email and didnt know if anyone was interested but radtke sports in Marietta, Ga is doing a signing with these 2 guys, ill gladly foward my email if your interested.
  9. H

    Maurice Clarett private signing mid-May

    I will be sitting down with Mo in mid May to do a signing on 100 items. Need all items by May 7th. The pricing is as follows $ 20 any item Inscriptions will be $ 5.00 per. I will have the following items for sale. Osu Mini's $ 20.00 8x10's $ 5.00 11x14's $ 10.00 16x20's $...
  10. SI KING


    Hey all... I apologize first... for not checking the boards all that often. I am sorry it took me so long, but I didn't have the pricing until yesterday. The Ichiro Suzuki signing will take place through his exclusive signing agent on June 16, 2011. All items are needed in my hands by June...
  11. detbaskball

    Red Wings Pavel Datsyuk Private Signing

    He will be signing within one week after the Red Wings final playoff game.... Prices: Flats (up to 11x14)/Pucks: $40 All other items: $50 Inscriptions: $20 Upcoming Autograph Signings
  12. R

    Wesley Walker private signing

    Wesley Walker Unniversity of California New York Jets 1977-1989 2x Pro Bowl (78,82) Cards $15 Flats & Mini helmets $20 16x20s, Balls, Jerseys and Full size Helmets $25 Free inscriptions Bulk pricing available Please send a SASE or contact me to arrange shipping. Money Order or...
  13. O

    Manny Banuelos Private Signing Weekend of March 26th

    Onyx Authenticated has JUST signed New York Yankees Phenom Manny Banuelos to a long term full exclusive agreement! To recognize our friends at Sportsgraphing, we are conducting a private signing with Manny on the weekend of the 26th (March). You now have the opportunity to have your favorite...
  14. S

    Cam Neely Private Signing on 3/21!

    We'll be presenting a private signing with Boston Bruins Legend Cam Neely on Monday, March 21st! Prices are: $39 – Regular Items (Flats/Pucks) $49 – Premium Items (Jerseys/Sticks/Equipment) $15 – Inscriptions For all inquiries – contact me by phone at 781-754-0063 or by email at...
  15. F

    Earl Campbell Private Signing

    Fiterman Sports Group, Inc. is thrilled to announce a private signing with the legendary EARL CAMPBELL on March 17th, 2011. We will be accepting ALL mail-in items, and have made it convenient to purchase your autograph ticket on our website. See Home for more details. Autographs are ONLY...
  16. S

    JIM McANDREW, 1969 Mets Private Signing

    I will be doing my second signing with former Mets and Padres pitcher, and 1969 World Series champion, Jim McAndrew in mid March here in Arizona. Fees will be $10 for any flat items and $15 for bats or jerseys. SASE's are required. All money goes directly to Jim and I will have every item...
  17. B


    Dale Murphy Atlanta Braves (1976-1990) Philadelphia Phillies (1990-1992) Colorado Rockies (1993) *2x NL MVP (1982, 1983) *7x All-Star selection (1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987) *5x Gold Glove Award winner (1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986) *4x Silver Slugger Award winner...
  18. M

    Kenny Britt Private Signing--CONFIRMED last week of February-1st week of March

    Cards: $20 per Everything else: $25 per with 09 1st round pick inscription or personalization included (your choice) Any other inscriptions (up to 5 words): $5 extra. Checks, items and SASE can be sent to: Mike Wernick 13 Avenue C Bayonne, NJ 07002 201-388-7583 -Please ensure you...
  19. J

    Josh Sharpless Private Signing Interest?

    Is there any interest in a signing with Josh Sharpless? Would be around $2-$3 a card. Please pose your interest.
  20. H

    Maurice Clarett Private signing

    Posting this for a friend of mine. Please mention that you heard about it from me. Thanks! Maurice Clarett Former Ohio State Buckeye Running Back PRIVATE SIGNING *He was a pivotal part of the 2002 Ohio State Buckeye National Championship team as...