1. J

    Bobby Pate - Expos - (1981 Topps Tim Raines RC) Private signing

    I recently met up with Bobby Pate and he has agreed to do a signing with me. Bobby has just two Major League cards (81 Donruss & Topps) in addition to a couple of Minor League issues. The card you will most recognize him on is the 1981 Topps Tim Raines RC. For those of you looking to complete...
  2. MorpheusDreamweaver

    Tim Raines, Mike Torrez & Ron Karkovice - 1/7 in Newark NJ

    The Newark Bears are inviting fans to the ballpark for the introduction of new manager Tim Raines at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday. The team's new ownership and the rest of the coaching staff is supposed to be on hand as well. (Note that this is not an organized autograph session -- it's an open...
  3. JBsouthFan

    Tim Raines 12/2/08 Newark- FREE!

    Newark Bears introduce Tim Raines as Manager on 12/2/08, Press Conference, not an official Signing, but Rock is a great IP signer (pick the 2 you want, lol)