1. crabbygraphs

    World Series Champions, MVP's, ROY, HOF'ers and more

    I will be attending a local card show in May. More names will be added to the list. I will be able to get wholesale pricing on each player attending as long as I can get 25 items per player. I am still waiting on the prices for each guy and will pass them along as I get them. The following...
  2. R

    1986 Mets World series reunion show

    I Will be attending this show and once again can take any item for any guy appearing here is the link Long Island National Card Shows Authograph Guest Lineup - Authograph Guest Lineup At Long Island National Baseball Card Autograph Signing Shows at Hofstra University - Long Island National...
  3. S

    2010 World Series champion Brian Wilson signing 8/31/11

    I'm actually on vacation but got an email from the same store that has Ryan Vogelsong. Thought a good sum of people would be interested. On august 31 Brian Wilson will be. In their store fro me 6-7:30 they are excepting mail in orders. It is a little bit pricey but Wilson is a tough autograph...
  4. T


    Red Bank Sports Marketing is pleased to announce a private signing engagement with 1969 World Series Champion Cleon Jones for the first week of October. All items need to be received by October 6th. Price Structure: $13 per baseball card W/SASE $15 any other item W/ SASE...
  5. D

    I have 2001 World Series Baseballs for Tony Womack Signing!!!

    2001 WS Baseballs for sale for the Tony Womack autograph signing, contact me if interested. Also have WS Champs Plaques, SI and more.
  6. T

    1986 World Series Champion HOWARD JOHNSON, end of May

    Hey Everyone, I am sitting down to do a private signing with 1986 World Series Champ and current New York Mets hitting coach Howard Johnson at the end of May. Hojo will only be signing cards, pictures and baseballs. Pricing for the signing is as follows: $8 for cards and photos $10...