1. C

    Some great signings coming up at Carls Cards in Philly...

    Former Philadelphia Flyer Tough Guy Dave "the hammer" Schultz Saturday @ Nov 27, 2010 On Saturday Nov. 27th Former Broad Street Bully Dave "the hammer" Schultz will be on hand to sign autographs and take photos with you. Bring your camera if you plan on a picture with Dave. He will be here from...
  2. Rip8cp1

    January Signings - Chris Potter Sports

    I will be conducting a private signing in conjunction with the MAB Pinstripe Passion show with Tommy John on January 29th, 2010. I need all items by January 21st, 2010. Any Item - $25 I have baseballs available for $13.00 ea I have photos available for $5.00 ea Have items mailed to...
  3. SteelCurtain1974

    Northern Virginia & Maryland Signings

    I'm new to the area and would like to try and keep more up to date on events in my area. Also thought it would be a good way to meet some other graphers in my area. I remember seeing a similar thread like this a while back.
  4. A

    Reggie Jackson - Phillies - Bobby Clarke signings this week

    Got some great signings coming up that i got deal on: Need all items by friday, signings this weekend Reggie Jackson - sun 50 balls-flats-16x20s ( i have balls and 16x20s if you want to buy) 10 inscriptions Placido Polanco - sat 25 any item Joe Blanton - sat 20 any item Cole...
  5. FenwayFrank

    Carl Yastrzemski Public Signings- 11/20, Woburn, MA I know that Yaz is somewhat reclusive these days, and I wouldn't normally be interested in paid signings, but I noticed that "gum" cards are only $60 and include an inscription. More than anything I'd really like the chance just to meet...
  6. R

    Art Shamsky, Al Weiss signings

    Art Shamsky and Al Weiss, both from 1969 Mets, are going to be doing a public signing on Sept 19th by me and are charging $20 a piece any item. I have a deal in place where I can get any item done by either player for $15 a piece... I would need items and money by Sept 17th Pm me fot more info
  7. G


    GradeASignatures is proud to announce a private signing with both Jim Lonborg and Ted Lepcio. We need to have all items IN OUR possession by September 22nd. I will also take as many photos as possible of Mr. Lonborg and Mr. Lepcio signing the items and post them on the board. Please include a...
  8. W

    Upcoming Basketball Signings?

    Anyone know of any? Let me know. Thanks, Andrew
  9. A

    Brad Lidge/Carlos Ruiz Phillies Private Signings

    NEED ALL ITEMS by SEPT 1. Signing to take place in september. Lidge $40 flats/balls $45 all other items $10 inscriptions Ruiz $40 flats/balls $45 all other items $10 inscriptions SALE - take 1 of each and save $5 We will have 16x20s (and ws 16x20s), ws balls, reg balls...
  10. G

    GradeASignatures' Upcoming Signings!

    In addition to our private signings with Stan Musial and Red Schoendienst, we are proud to announce private signings with Joe Ginsberg, Oddibe McDowell, and Ken Reitz. We will have baseballs available for all signings for an additional $13, and 8x10s available for the Stan Musial and Red...
  11. JBsouthFan

    The National: FREE SIGNINGS not advertised!

    Went to the national Today and found out a few guys are there signing for FREE at corporate booths.... Booth #109 has the 'Dimitri Young Card Collection' (his personal PSA 10 rookies of ALL of baseball's great! they gave out a signed poster by Dimitri, but there is a sign saying he...
  12. Rip8cp1

    Chris Potter Sports Private Signings August

    There has been much scrutiny in how I post my signings, from now on I am going to post my signings in one thread. I understand some members prefer individual threads, however I do not want to clutter the board. I do have a website, however I do not want to step on any toes by posting it on...
  13. Rip8cp1

    Cloyd Boyer Private Signings August 18th

    I will be conducting a private signing with Cloyd Boyer on August 18th, 2010. I need all items by August 17th, 2010. "Junior" Cards - $12.00 Flats/Balls - $15.00 Bats/Jerseys - $20.00 I have baseballs available for $13.00 ea I have photos available for $5.00 ea Have items mailed...
  14. Rip8cp1

    Jesse Orosco Private Signings August 18th

    I will be going to the JP Rock Solid White Plains show in August where I will be conducting a Private Signing with Jesse Orosco on August 19, 2010. I need all items by August 18th, 2010 Anything Signed - $35.00 Inscription - $10.00 Have items mailed to: Chris Potter Sports 9722...
  15. S

    MLB HOFer SIGNINGS - Jackson,Smith,Bench,Brock,Robinson !!

    I am working on the final touches on the first batch of MLB Hall of Famer signings. I am trying to gauge the interest in these guys if the pricing is right. I know its a tough question to ask but if people have interest the cost might go down for us. The signings will take place after the first...
  16. gatorfan234

    Milwaukee Signings

    Anything going on in Milwaukee in the next week?
  17. DeathToFlyingThings

    Felix Hernandez May 24th and other upcoming MCS signings

    Mill Creek Sports has a public signing with Mariners' ace Felix Hernandez on Monday, sorry for not posting this sooner. I can get get a ball signed for you if you would like. Here are the prices: $59 for basic items $79 for premium items $15 for inscriptions If you want me to get a ball done...
  18. G

    Private Signings- Who would you like to see?

    I am looking to help out other collectors by setting up some more private signings. What former mlb players live in the Las Vegas area that you would like to see lined up for a private signing? Any ideas would help. Thanks!
  19. DeathToFlyingThings

    Tigers' Gloves for autos signings! Anyone Help?

    Here is the official info, I can send money/equipment/5050 cards for anyone other than Raburn, Sizemore, and Avila. Please LMK if you're going...
  20. cianfroccoj

    anyone know any upcoming signings in NY state?

    anything for signings anyone knows about in ny upcoming worth going to??