1. S

    2022 36th Annual GBSCC Card Show - Over 375 Dealers, 28 Autograph Guests

    The 36th annual GBSCC Shriners Card Show is just weeks away! There will be over 375 dealers, 25+ autograph guests and thousands in attendance. This is one of the biggest shows in the country! To view the autograph guests and dealers please view the flyer below and visit the website...
  2. alanmoore

    Todd Helton, Josh Beckett, Jerry Rice and Ivan Pudge Rodriguez Signings

    These are 4 signings I am sending items in for and wanted to share them in case you need any of these guys as well. Todd Helton - Future MLB Hall of Famer! -Price per signature: -Flats (up to 11x14) & baseballs: $45 -Bats/Jerseys: $85 each -Inscriptions: $25 each -All items & payment must be...
  3. A

    Some Orioles upcoming signings

    Received this from the Orioles if anyone is close and interested O's Zone | Baltimore Orioles
  4. F

    Upcoming Signings with Celebs, Wrestlers, UFC, etc

    I will be attending many comic cons and upcoming signings in Texas with actors, celebrities, wrestlers, ufc, etc. If anyone is interested in anyone, please let me know, and setup a tm. May 24th Bret Hart - $25 Kevin Nash - $25 Arianny Celeste (UFC Ring Girl/Playboy Cover Model) - $15...
  5. mattwhit

    Super Bowl 48 Free Autograph Signings

    I'm a native New Jerseyite who'll be in North Jersey for the big game. Anyone with info on free signings, etc please post them here. I've seen this thus far. Super Bowl 2014 fan guide: NFL 'Boulevard' on Broadway |
  6. semperfi

    DC Area Signings

    Greetings, I have found it very hard to find upcoming signings in the DC/Maryland area so I figured I would start a thread in case others knew of any. I have tried which is good but doesn't list them all. Feel free to post if you know of any coming up: I found that Pierre...
  7. J

    Vince Papale / Randy Logan / Chris Warren upcoming signings

    I won't be attending any of these signings but wanted to help a friend out by letting the board know about them. If interested in any of the guys, please contact Lucas. The Philadelphia Connection - Upcoming Events
  8. S

    Upcoming Miejer Signings

    Saturday, April 6 11-2 A couple of decent names from my perspective. Wish Cincinnati wasn't George Foster Cincinnati George Foster Livonia, Mi- Willie Horton Grand Rapids, Mi- Mickey Tettleton Rolling Meadows, Il Lee Smith Plainfield, Il- Ron Kittle Rest of the info on
  9. Kyle Young

    Upcoming Bob Feller Museum Signings

    Got an email about their upcoming signings Not going just passing info along to fellow members Most (Maz, Brock, Gibson, etc. )are private The one public is Bret Saberhagen, April 20th 11:30am-1:00pm Bret Saberhagen made his major league debut on April 4, 1984. He made an immediate...
  10. R

    Ivan Nova, Ed Kranepool, and Art Shamsky private signings

    I have a private signing scheduled for all 3 on Nov 3rd. Ivan Nova $25 cards $30 flats balls $40 bats jersey and eqpt Art Shamsky and Ed Kranepool $12 cards $15 anything else need all items by Nov 1 message me for details and questions chris
  11. B

    Rickey Henderson, Cal Ripken, Joe Mauer - Fall 2012 Signings (Bradley Supplies)

    Rickey Henderson Cal Ripken Jr. Joe Mauer Private Signings with Bradley Supplies Fall 2012 I have arranged another round of Private signings for Fall of 2012! I am meeting Rickey Henderson and his agent in November,and submitting items again to Ironclad for Cal Ripken and Joe Mauer...
  12. H

    Dwyane Wade Book Signings

    D-Wade is going around early next month signing his new book. If anyone would be interested in working out a deal to get me a signed book, whether I pay for both books or whatever, please let me know. The link below lists the NY and LA dates. Dwyane Wade at Barnes & Noble
  13. B

    Any Hank Aaron signings?

    Does anyone know of any in person Hank Aaron signings?
  14. S

    Pro Footbal Hall Of Fame signings

    Is it to early to start a thread. We know about the Class of 2012 signing on August 5. But what about the other signings on Saturday at the Hall and surrounding Hotels and Malls. Anybody know anything.
  15. S

    Meijer Football Signings This Saturday

    Just saw these. Sounds like some decent names. Community Events | Chris
  16. H

    Any Roy Halladay or Cole Hamels Signings??

    Does anyone know of any signings by either of these 2 coming up? My son has a pitching mound signed by Lee and Oswalt and wants the other 2. Also Carlos Ruiz would be nice as well. At the Phanfestival Ruiz and Halladay are photo booths and do not do signings. Thanks Guys
  17. xmartyx

    Lee High School signings 2012

    Got an email a week or so ago saying the Lee High School event was a go for 2012. As of right now, Denny McLain will be participating once again, along with Jacksonville Jaguars Cameron Bradfield. This time, I will be charging $8 for McLain. Not sure on a price for Bradfield at this time. I will...
  18. J

    For the Person Who Asked about Hank Aaron signings

    I recall someone a month or so ago asking about getting Hank Aaron. I came across this today. Hope it helps. Baseball HOFer and legend Hank Aaron will be coming in for a Private signing! Signing will take place January 11. We will need all items in house by January 5. Pricing is as...
  19. J

    anybody know of any hank aaron upcoming signings??

    i have a few aaron items i have been wanting to get. does anybody know of any upcoming hank aaron signings. and can someone give me his prices or a close estimate of them
  20. P

    RAY LEWIS, TERRELL SUGGS and TORREY SMITH Public Signings- Accepting Mail Order

    LGC Sports Marketing is proud to announce a series of autograph signings coming up in November and December TORREY SMITH Tuesday 11/15 Baltimore Ravens TORREY SMITH Autograph Signing - Eventbrite TERRELL SUGGS Thursday 12/08 Baltimore Ravens TERRELL SUGGS Autograph Signing - Eventbrite RAY...