1. Milkywai

    San Francisco Tristar Show 4/17-4/19

    I'll be going to this on Saturday 4/18 if anyone needs any of these guys. A lot of Giants players along with Reggie, Randy Johnson, Glavine, Cepeda, Marichal, Dave Stewart, Alex Smith and Mike Tyson. Send me a PM if interested. TRISTAR San Francisco Sports Collectors Show - Autograph Tickets
  2. F

    Houston Tristar may 30- June 1

    I will be attending the Houston Tristar show and I have pricing for the following players. All items need to be in by May 27. I will be adding a few more names later on. Earl Campbell : $60 Hakeem Olajuwan : $70 Ralph Sampson : $25 Deandre Hopkins : $35 David Robinson: $90/$120/$140...
  3. J

    April 2013 San Francisco Tristar Show

    Hey everyone I will be attending this show Sunday 4/21. Tons of huge names will be appearing guys like:Rickey Henderson, Reggie Jackson, Joe Montana, Colin Kaepernick, Patrick Willis, Roberto Alomar, Deion Sanders, Dave Winfield, and many more. Here is the link to the...
  4. Milkywai

    Brett Pill Free signing SF Tristar

    Giants rookie Brett Pill has been added as a FREE signing along with 49ers HOFER Jimmy Johnson this Friday night. I happen to have a concert that night, so sadly I can't go. Hopefully some others can! 2012 TRISTAR San Francisco Show: Autograph Tickets
  5. Shawn_E.

    Tristar Show - Houston - June 24-26 2011

    Updated 6/19/11 MLB HOF Carlton Fisk Rickey Henderson Tony Perez Whitey Herzog MLB STAR EVAN LONGORIA HOUSTON ASTROS JA Happ Brett Wallace NFL HOF Jack Ham Yale Lary Floyd Little Joe Greene John Stallworth FORMER NFL STAR LC Greenwood Andy Russell Donnie Shell...
  6. B

    Tristar Show - Houston TX - Jun 24-26 2011 - Reliant Arena

    Guess they're making this one an Aggies show Baseball Evan Longoria Carlton Fisk Rickey Henderson Tony Perez J.A. Happ Whitey Herzog Football Former Aggies: Jerrod Johnson Von Miller Yale Lary Ray Childress Quentin Coryatt John David Crow Jack Ham LC Greenwood Floyd...
  7. S

    Alibay‏ Barkley - Anyone need him for your TriStar Sets?

    I have been emailing back and forth with Alibay‏ Barkley about signing some cards. I want to do what I did with Corey Kemp. Please send in the form of a 50.50 and a few bucks to go towards a gift card for his time. If I already missed the boat and someone has done a signing with him my...
  8. M

    Tom Brady private signing with Tristar (prices beginning at $499)

    Tom Brady Autographed Memorabilia A little steep don't you think?
  9. M

    Tristar National Show August 4-8th in Baltimore

    TRISTAR Presents the 31st National Autograph Pavilion Anyone going?
  10. Shawn_E.

    Tristar Show - Houston TX - Jan 21-23 2011 - Reliant Arena

    Houston Oilers - Love Ya Blue Reunion Bum Phillips MLB HOF Ryne Sandberg Craig Biggio (future HOFer) MLB Player Doug Rader NHL HOF Gordie Howe NFL HOF Randy White NFL Players Bill Bradley - played college football for the Texas Longhorns Doug Cosbie
  11. chinmusic

    tristar question

    So if I buy my autograph I guaranteed a siggie...or is there still a chance that they player will stop signing by the time I get close to the front?
  12. Shawn_E.

    Tristar Show - Houston TX June 18-20, 2010

    Texas Rangers are in Houston the same weekend. Guests announced so far. HOF Mike Schmidt Retired Stars Pete Rose Darryl Strawberry Dwight Gooden NFL Star Brian Cushing
  13. bmac415

    TriStar Show - San Francisco May 21-23, 2010

    Hey guys a TriStar show has been scheduled in SF once again this year...heres the link... TRISTAR: Show & Signing Schedule the only person scheduled right now is Cal Ripken Jr. I will update this once more people are scheduled to the show