April 2013 San Francisco Tristar Show


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Jul 11, 2005
Lathrop, Ca
Hey everyone I will be attending this show Sunday 4/21. Tons of huge names will be appearing guys like:Rickey Henderson, Reggie Jackson, Joe Montana, Colin Kaepernick, Patrick Willis, Roberto Alomar, Deion Sanders, Dave Winfield, and many more. Here is the link to the showhttp://www.tristarproductions.com/shows/SanFrancisco/tickets.html

I am willing to get your stuff signed no matter what you need. I am asking for a minimal fee per autograph. Not because I want to get rich, but simply because I have done this in the past and standing in the lines, and fighting the crowds is a major hassle. I am asking for 5.00 bucks for any reasonable sized item (cards, 8x10's, balls, and jerseys) 10.00 for anything bulkier than that. If you want to get multiple items PM me and we can certainly make a deal.
In the past I asked for paypal (You cover any fees) upfront and I will purchase all tickets and that worked ok. Please send all itmes ASAP, along with any special instructions. SASE is mandatory.
Last show I went to they had a number of people cancel last minute. In the event that happens with your itme I will have you fully refunded with 3 days of the end of the show, and your item(s) returned ASAP. Feel free to PM me with any questions, or interest you may have. Thanks
what do you mean about the fake autographs? the sellers/vendors??