1. crabbygraphs

    George "Doc" Medich Private Signing - May 25, 2015 - Former Yankee, Ranger, Pirate

    Spoke with Mr. Medich and he has agreed to meet up and do another signing. Right now this is scheduled for May 25, 2015. Prices are very reasonable. I will be handling all items and will try to take as may proof pictures as I can. Any questions, please ask. I will keep a running total in this...
  2. R

    Jan MAB Yankee show offereing help

    I will be attending MAB annual Yankee show in Jan and am willing to help out on both days. Looks like they are bringing in a lot of the 99 team as well as some great names from their past. They are having a couple of guys I have not seen do signings in a while. I can take any item for anyone...
  3. crash

    Former Yankee DOdger et. Tommy John

    I was put in touch with Tommy John through my John Montefusco signing. Any interest in Tommy John at $10 any item and $2 for inscriptions?
  4. R

    Eduardo Nunez Yankee infield prospect

    I know this is short notice but a new sports store opened up by me and is doing an in store signing with Eduardo Nunez the Yankee young infielder. As far as I know they are not taking mail order so I thought I'd offer to help since I thought the price was good. I would need all items and Money...
  5. R

    CBS Radio Expo - June 26, 2010 at Yankee Stadium

    CBS Radio Expo - June 26, 2010 at Yankee Stadium Bring the entire family out to the CBS Radio Expo rain or shine on Saturday, June 26 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.at Yankee Stadium for a full day of music, stars and fun! Tickets and nearby garage parking are only $5; kids under four are...
  6. GoPhillies23

    Goose Gossage at Yankee Stadium 6/18/08

    I'm going to the Padres at Yankees game this Wednesday. I just saw on SigningsHotline.com that Goose Gossage is supposed to be at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday, however there are no details provided and it has not been confirmed. Does anyone have any more information on this? Do the Yankees...
  7. alanmoore

    Jose Tabata, Future Yankee Superstar, Private Signing

    Boy, I am excited to offer this to everyone as I know he is on a lot of Want Lists including 4 cards in my sets. In the past hour, we just nailed down Jose Tabata to do a private signing in Trenton on May the 3rd. Here are the details: YOUR ITEMS -- Cards/8x10's $20 -- Baseballs $25...
  8. scoreset

    MAB Yankee Fest, 2/10 & 11

    Anyone going to this event in Secaucus, NJ? Jose Cano (ex-Astros P, Robinson's dad) will be attending, first auto is free, each one after is $5. I need him on 2 or 3 cards. I will send the $ and an SASE if anyone can get him. He will be there on Sunday the 10th.