Alfonso Soriano - PRIVATE SIGNING - LATE FEB 2011


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Dec 15, 2009
When You Say Chi-City
Alright everyone, i'm doing this on behalf of my buddy AZGrapher8 who is on SCN who is doing a private signing with 7x All Star, Alfonso Soriano.

Here is some info in case these questions are asked:

He's signing Alfonso So 12
There will be no holograms
Discount available for bulk items ordered
Inscriptions TBD soon
Photos will be taken during the signing

Any questions, see below.


Hi everyone, I'm very excited to announce that my signing with Cubs star Alfonso Soriano is 100% confirmed now. This will be taking place at the end of February 2011 in Phoenix, AZ. The date will be determined when he receives his Spring Training travel schedule. I need a minimum of 75 items to make this happen, which I think is very reasonable. I will get your item signed with whatever color you need if you specify. Prices are listed below

Cards- $45
Flats/Balls up to 16x20 - $55
Premiums (Jerseys, Bats, Equipment) $75

When sending items, please include your user name and address, and return postage or SASE. All items must be pre-prepped before sending. I WILL have baseballs available for $12/ball, and some photos TBD later. I will be taking pictures of Alfonso signing your items as well.

Items are due no later than 2/16/11. Payment is due by then as well. NOTE: I WILL NOT Cash checks or money orders until the week of the signing. I will accept check, Money Order, and Paypal. When using paypal, please add the fees. My paypal email address is
Please respond to this post who is in (or if you have a SCN account, contact me there), and for what and how many items. Once you do, feel free to email me as well, so I can track on SCN and give you shipping instructions.