Carson's Pro Wrestling World Allentown PA

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Oct 24, 2006
I DO NOT IN ANY WAY WORK WITH THEM AT ALL, let me start with that...... so they are not responsible for anything i take for anyone on this board, i am simply spreading the word as there seems to be alot of wrestling graphers on the boards. if anyone wants to contact them directly here is their website and if you work with them directly i have no responsibility for how they treat you or your items.


i will post on here who is coming and when as i attend every signing they bring to my area.
i will take items for any members at their cost no extra fees needed just their cost per item.

my rules are all transactions must be done through the trade manager, I am not responsible for lost items via the mail, please add confirmation (if no confirmation everything is at your own risk) once again I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST ITEMS VIA THE PO. Please have a SASE, with anything mailed to me, if i have to go to the post office i will charge a fee of $5.00 for the hassle of going to the PO. It is alot more time consuming drive 10 mins to the po then, to hand to my mailman directly the next am.

Also, please mark your items with Member name and real name. I will also use blue sharpie for everything sent to me. if anyone has a specific color or marker they want items done in i recommend you send that pen with your item or its going to be done in blue. (sometimes their markers are ify so i norm always bring my own blue)

i will then update with guys who are confirmed to currently be there if they cancel i will mark canceled next to their names, will update as they add/drop guys through out the yr.
Please contact me if you want me to take your items and please follow my rules any questions PM me
contact Carson's Pro Wrestling World directly to see if they will take you mail in items.

I will bump the thread as they add people or if someone cancels so as stated PM me
Thank you and look forward to helping some people out

Sept 28th $15 per
Jake The Snake Roberts
Maxine nxt
911 ecw

Oct 12
King Kong Bundy $15 per

Oct 19
Boogieman $15 per
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