1. Kyle Young

    Ahmad Bradshaw @ Photofile - Friday July 20th

    Got an email from photofile about their upcoming signing with Ahmad. Not attending, just giving information. More information at: PhotoFile | baseball, football, hockey, basketball Photos, baseball, football, hockey, basketball Images, baseball, football, hockey, basketball Pictures and more
  2. L

    CC Sabbathia appearance in Manhattan on Friday

    Not sure where to post this, but CC Sabbathia will be at new "boobs & beer" joint on Friday in Manhattan. Below is the link to the article I found: Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia is part owner of Hooters rival Canz-a-Citi Roadhouse set to open in Manhattan's Murray Hill -
  3. J

    Tyrod Taylor - Friday July 22nd in Norfolk, VA

    The Norfolk Tides are doing a "Virginia Tech" night Friday, July 22nd at the game. Tyrod Taylor will be throwing out the first pitch and signing autographs for fans. Visit The Official Site of Minor League Baseball | Norfolk Tides Homepage for more info.
  4. Kyle Young

    The Straw - ATT Bayside this Friday

    Got this email from the Yankees today Spreading the word
  5. R

    FREE Mark Gastineau signing at the Jets Shop Friday January 21, Noon-1:30pm NYC

    Just found this out. Can anyone possibly help me with a Mini(They sell them in the shop)? I went for the Wesley Walker and Marty Lyons signing a couple weeks ago at the same shopand it was very laid back. Guys would sign whatever you wanted and take photos with. I am back in LA but am a huge...
  6. Ju1cy

    John Kundla Basketball Hall of Fame Coach Friday November 12th

    hello all out there, im not sure if anyone needs him for there personal collection or what not but he is 94 years old and isnt going to be getting any younger anytime soon.he won several championships with the minneapolis lakers and is one of the top 10 basketball coaches of all time here are...
  7. Ju1cy

    Hal Sparks Queer as Folk,talk soup friday november 12th

    i can take items for him if anyone wants to send them i wil charge $10 an autograph,please pm me if interested. here is what he has been in spider man 2 queer as folk dude wheres my car talk soup host
  8. Ju1cy

    kanye west friday november 5th and kelly clarkson saturday november 6th

    i know noone will be able to send items for them in time but i do have images for both of them, and if you would like me to get something signed for consignment let me know. here are the prices kelly clarkson $30 i wil ltkae 3 people for her kanye west $40 i m only taking 2 people for him...
  9. Ju1cy

    margaret cho friday october 15th 2010

    i will be seeing her when she is at a tv studio while in town for stand up. i will be willing to get any item done of yours for $10 plus you pay s and h both ways
  10. C

    Ryan Klesko at next Friday's (9/10) Braves game

    First, a heads up: Ryan Klesko is going to be at the Fields and Reels outdoor night before Friday's Braves-Cardinals game, and he'll be signing. (Atlanta Braves Fields & Reels Outdoor Night, Atlanta | Events | Yelp) And second: Can anyone help me out with it? I have a team photo/card set from...
  11. S

    Syracuse Orange Football Fan Fest - Friday, August 13th

    Just wanted to pass this along... SU football fans can get up-close look at the Orange during Friday 'Fan Fest' | Under Head Coach Doug Marrone, SU is back on track. Some decent talent to get here includes LB's Doug Hogue & Derrell Smith, DE's Chandler Jones (brother of...
  12. S

    Jim Kelly - HOF Buffalo Bills QB - Friday, July 9th

    Hi everyone, new member here, first time posting. Just got back into graphing after being a big card collector in my earlier years. I find it to be a pretty exciting hobby and I love showing off my collection to my friends. I am still learning all the "lingo" though.... 50/50, deco paint...
  13. A

    Bill Walton at Mohegan Sun Friday

    Friday night from 6-7pm at the shopping area. I will be going to this...anyone else here going?
  14. C

    Phillies Phan Fest, Friday 2/26

    Brad Lidge, Jamie Moyer, Geoff Jenkins, Kyle Kendrick, Carlos Ruiz, Pedro Feliz, So Taguchi and Greg Dobbs will sign autographs from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. The players will be set up in two stations. Cost is $15.00 per station, which will include four autographs. Fan may purchase additional coupons...
  15. fishr

    Royals Team Store - Friday, November 27th

    From a post on Facebook: "Attention holiday shoppers...the Majestic Team Store at Kauffman Stadium will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday. This is your chance to get a new powder blue cap for the Royals fan in your life. Royals alumni Willie Wilson, Kevin Seitzer and Willie Aikens...
  16. V

    Kendal Grove and Anthony Johnson Friday

    Let me know if interested.
  17. JBsouthFan

    Steven Strasburg, Friday 2pm

    Press Conference and 'town hall meeting' introducing Strasburg Friday at 2pm at Nationals Ballpark. Gates open at 1:30. No word of official signing, but they normally are pretty good at these things...
  18. S

    Mickey Tettleton @ Camden Yards next Friday- need a set card

    Good day on signings hotline for stuff I need. Tettleton will be there and I need one card done which I can get to you. PM me if you can help Thanks Chris
  19. J

    Cal Eldred- Waterloo, IA- Friday

    Anyone live near Waterloo? I need Eldred on two cards. Let me know if you might make it. Cal Eldred -3:00pm International Wrestling Institute and Museum 303 Jefferson St Waterloo
  20. phillysportz

    Joffrey Lupul Flyers Nhl tomorrow Friday 11/30

    check out for info the signing is somewhere in NJ 10 bucks a pop 11/30 at 6 or 7