1. hsider1

    Long Island National Show, Hofstra

    Anybody else going to this? I figured it would be a good place to get my Shea Stadium seat back started as I can get Doc Gooden, Tim Teufel, Ed Hearn, and Ed Kranepool all in one place. Plus Kranepool and Bobby Shantz are free with admission. Long Island National Card Shows Authograph Guest...
  2. bearfan1

    The National 2008

    Hi all. Just curious on who is going to the event this year in Chicago. I am going this on Saturday and know Preston is gonig to. Are you buying autograph tickets? Should be a cool event. :) Dave
  3. JBsouthFan

    Wasington National's Caravan "Leg two; The hits keep coming" (Still Sucks!)...

    WASHINGTON NATIONALS KICK OFF SECOND LEG OF THE 2008 WINTER TOUR WITH THREE STOPS IN THE DISTRICT AND MARYLAND ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 24 WHAT: The Washington Nationals will continue their 2008 Winter Tour with visits to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Gifford’s Ice Cream &...
  4. caribbeankid92

    2008 National Card Show in Chicago

    Hi- Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. Does anyone know when they will say who will be at the National card show in July/August? I should be attending and will be happy to help members out with items they need signed. Ben
  5. bowles8

    TriStar National Convention in Cleveland, OH
  6. unclemoe

    The National: Anaheim July 26 - 30

    Is anybody going to this? Or did anyone go to any of the previous conventions? moe.
  7. hcbooker

    Toys R' Us National Player apprearances hope this helps some of you Harold