4 RULES for Private Signings


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Jul 24, 2007
RULES 04-21-2008

OK, due to some complaints from members that the perception is that I am trying to monopolize the Private Signings that appear on the site, the following rules have been tweaked to make them as fair to everyone involved. Some have been deleted.

Due to a few recent glitches with some private signings, one being my own, we need to impliement these rules.

So, here we go:

(1) You must contact me in advance, and gain approval in advance, before any mention of the signing can be announced to the members. This rule has been updated. See http://www.sportsgraphing.com/upcoming-signings/102494-new-rule-upcoming-signings-forum.html for additional details.

(2) You must be at least 18 years of age and have the financial means to make everything right if the signing goes wrong.

(3) The items must be protected against damage, theft, etc. All packages must be insured for the full price of the item being signing and the fee charged to get said item signed. MEANING - to and from the signing NOT back to the customer unless you are charging money for return shipping then YOU MUST SEND WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION AT THE VERY LEAST!

Added 3-14-2009

Dealers who only come on to promote their signings, equipment, etc and do not contribute to the board otherwise MUST be site sponsors or your signings WILL NOT be approved.

Visit http://www.sportsgraphing.com/advertise.php for more details!
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now we're talkin'

I think this might be my favorite single move you have made since taking over the board
It was never really about understanding. Obviously I just want us all to get along, to help one another and in the process grow this amazing community so other collectors can benefit.

This site isnt about me and never will be!

This site is about members sharing, collecting, trading, selling, etc!
Keep on Topic

One of the things that tends to occur on some private signing threads is a debate whether the player is worth it. I know this has been brought up in the past but I am going to reiterate that the threads in this section are not for debate. This is an information section only. If you have a question about the signing or want to let the person know that you are sending stuff in, great, otherwise there is no need to post. If a player is not worth the price being charged then nobody will purchase an autograph. If someone feels that a certain player is worth the price then they will purchase an autograph. All posts not pertaining directly to the signing will be deleted. That member will also be given time off.

I have stated this before, if a private signing is posted, the thread is not to be used for running commentary for what you think or do not think is appropriate.

I just spent the last 30 minutes cleaning up ONE thread created by a site sponsor.

I get that some of you are against private signings altogether in some cases and have your opinions. I own this site and the rules have been in place for some time. I will now be spending the next 10 minutes banning a few people for the next 1-2 days for their rule infractions. The ones that complained we have no rules in place will be receiving the 2 day bans just so you are fully aware that WE ARE, WE DO and WE WILL enforce the rules of the community found at http://www.sportsgraphing.com/announcements/47569-welcome-sportsgraphing-rules-regulations.html.

If you want to voice your opinions about a private signing, do so in another thread. Hijacking threads are against the rules, people have been warned over and over and enough is enough.
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