Jerry Rice

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Oct 24, 2006
a member on is in the process of doing a 2nd private signing with jerry rice with in the next 2-3 weeks.

i did the 1st signing and got a authentic pro bowl jersey signed looked amazing also all items come with the jerry rice authentics hologram sticker except the cards but hes is talking to rice to get those added to the back, rice claims it reuions the card some how.

pricing is the following...
Mail In Prices are as
$39 Flats up to 8x10, includes Magizines
$49 11x14, 12x18, pocket Pro helmets
$55 16X20 & Mini Helmets
$80 Footballs, Jerseys, Jersey Numbers
Inscriptions are $50 each

SASE is required on mail ins

he can supply the following signed and shipped for
40 different Rice shots to choose from
8x10 $46.00
11x14 $56.00
16x20 $75.00
mini helmet $83.00 only has a few left

cards if he receives 25-30 are $25 each, and can go lower depending how many are received or ordered.

i am not conducting this signing nor am i involved in any way. i'm just passing the information along to everyone on the board. because i'm sure others are in need of jerry rice as i was.

please do not pm me, if you need any further infomation please contact the memeber on

total count of cards is now up to 18, the more cards sent in for the signing the cheaper the signing will be.

if you are not a member of the e-mail for the man conducting the signing is the following he is very trust worthy as some memeber on this board have worked with him many many times before

name - Dwayne
e-mail -

please contact him with any questions about the signing
Jerry Rice's usaul public appearance prices are usaully around these prices

99 to 139 for a flat
119 to 129 16x20 mini
139 to 159 f/s helmet ect
This is a great deal, considering he will be elected in Feb to HOF 2010 class and then his prices will skyrocket.
yeah and that is the exact reason why dwayne is trying to help everyone out on this guy because his prices at shows are way to high for most people and once hes in the hof forget about getting jerry rice for any of the prices shown

everything will go alot higher, thats why i did my authentic pro bowl jersey for 80 at the last signing.
GTSM's next show has jerry rice priced at $139 a flat already

while this 25 a card 39 a 8x10

i'l say it again u wont see rice at these prices any where else
I got a mini signed at the last Rice signing he had. Came back looking great with a Rice hologram for a fraction of what it would cost at a show or private signing.
Anybody have any Rice cards FS???