1. J

    PastPros Road Show Plano, TX 8/13... Al Oliver++++

    Show is this Saturday. This is a great opportunity to meet Al Oliver, Ellis Valentine, Jeff Russell, and Don Stanhouse!!! A limited number of VIP packages are still available. 75.00 for 3 autographs, and inscriptions for each player. Plus a chance for Rangers tickets. Heck of a deal for some...
  2. jeff3880wi

    May 14-15 Fanatics Show in Rosemont, IL

    May 14-15 Fanatics Show in Rosemont, IL
  3. jeff3880wi

    Fanatics Show - Chicago March 18-20, 2016

    Show dates have been announced for 2016! Chicago Shows are March 18-20 and November 18-20.
  4. 82brewers

    November Suntimes Show

    Rizzo, Bryant, Butkus, Jim Kaat, Dick Allen, Howie Long, Mark Grace, Tony Larussa, Mike Holmgren
  5. Milkywai

    San Francisco Tristar Show 4/17-4/19

    I'll be going to this on Saturday 4/18 if anyone needs any of these guys. A lot of Giants players along with Reggie, Randy Johnson, Glavine, Cepeda, Marichal, Dave Stewart, Alex Smith and Mike Tyson. Send me a PM if interested. TRISTAR San Francisco Sports Collectors Show - Autograph Tickets
  6. crabbygraphs

    Robert Morris Card Show May 15-17-2015 Discounted Pricing

    I will be attending the May Robert Morris "Spring" Show in Pittsburgh, PA and can offer discounted prices for the autograph guests. 1. A TM needs to be set up. 2. Every item needs to be tagged with username, color of sharpie and placement. (Phone # if you feel comfortable in case I need to get...
  7. SoBrave

    Fanatics Authentic Chicago Show- March 20-22

    Fanatics Authentic is starting to push out some names for the March Show in Rosemont IL. Here are the first few names. Colin Kaepernick- $129/$149/$49 Hulk Hogan Pedro Martinez Randy Johnson Dick Butkus- $99 Any Item Joe Greene
  8. Redsox10

    Anyone need somebody at this weekends GBSCC/Shriners Show?

    Willing to go to the show Saturday. I'll get anyone for you at cost + shipping. Doing this because I want to meet people but hate paying for autographs. Let me know if I can help anyone. I have baseballs and can get photos: Ticket Price Quantity GBSCC / Shriners Event - ORLANDO...
  9. K

    Chicago November Show

    Initial List Andre Dawson, Bob Gibson, Frank Thomas, Johnny Bench, Lou Brock, Ozzie Smith, Robert Parish, Steve Carlton. Pete Rose and Lou Pinella
  10. M

    CSA Chantilly Show Discounted Pricing 4.4-4.6

    Hello I have discounted pricing for the April CSA Show and I am offering to the board! I will take exact proof shots of each item that is signed. If you are interested please PM me! Your items will be handled with great care! 1. Need to set up a TM 2. If paying by PayPal I need it by March...
  11. R

    Jan MAB Yankee show offereing help

    I will be attending MAB annual Yankee show in Jan and am willing to help out on both days. Looks like they are bringing in a lot of the 99 team as well as some great names from their past. They are having a couple of guys I have not seen do signings in a while. I can take any item for anyone...
  12. D

    Clutch City Productions Show 8/31 - 9/1

    Home - CLUTCH CITY PRODUCTIONS Autograph prices on their site Admission is 5.00 per Day They also have a VIP package (100.00) listed on their site: The VIP package is the best way to come and meet "The Outsiders". With this package you will receive: ■1 Autograph from ALL 3 - Kevin Nash...
  13. J

    April 2013 San Francisco Tristar Show

    Hey everyone I will be attending this show Sunday 4/21. Tons of huge names will be appearing guys like:Rickey Henderson, Reggie Jackson, Joe Montana, Colin Kaepernick, Patrick Willis, Roberto Alomar, Deion Sanders, Dave Winfield, and many more. Here is the link to the...
  14. R

    JP Sports April show help

    I will be going to the JP sports show in the end of april. If anyone needs anything done shoot me a message and I can take it Autograph Line Up - Hofstra « Ny Shows Ny Shows so far show features Todd Hundley Randy Hundley Bobby Valentine Cliff Floyd Jerry Grote Kevin McReynolds...
  15. R

    MAB march show help

    Once again i will be able to take items for the MArch MAB show in New Jersey I can take guys for both days MAB Celebrity Services - March Magic Saturday looks to be the baseball guys while sunday is a mix of boxers and football guys top guys are Randy Johnson Roberto Alomar David...
  16. E

    Chicago Sun Times March Show

    Initial lineup has been posted. Scottie Pippen Bobby Hull TY Hilton Reggie Wayne Lance Briggs William Perry Steve Fuller Jamaal Charles Geoff Blum Don Kessinger Robin Yount
  17. R

    Jan MAB Yankees show help

    I will be at the MAB Yankee show in January and can take anything for anyone on either day heres the link MAB Celebrity Services - Pinstripe Glory Days guys like Scott Brosius Dave Winfield Reggie Jackson Jose Cardenal Mike Stanton Andruw Jones El Duque just to name a few Need...
  18. R

    JP westchester show in Jan

    I will be at this show and can get anything signed by anyone there either days heres the link Janurary Autograph Guests « Ny Shows Ny Shows guys like Luis Aparicio John Smoltz Sparky lyle Joe Theisman Charley Taylor Harold Baines just to name a few Need all items and $4 by Jan 17th
  19. D

    Fiterman Sports Show - Thanksgiving Weekend

    Fiterman Sports will be doing a show in Houston over Thanksgiving weekend. Some of the athletes signing will be Mike Tyson, Earl Campbell, Ricky Williams, Hakeem Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler, and many others. Fiterman Sports Group - Home I will be going on Saturday, and probably Sunday too...
  20. F

    Pedro Martinez has been added to the GBSCC show Nov 3

    Looks like Pedro Martinez has been added to the Greater Boston Sports Collectors Club show at Wilmington Shriners Nov 3. Rickey Henderson and Ozzie Smith are also part of the lineup. Sure Shot does a great job of running the autograph guests...