1. Milkywai

    San Francisco Tristar Show 4/17-4/19

    I'll be going to this on Saturday 4/18 if anyone needs any of these guys. A lot of Giants players along with Reggie, Randy Johnson, Glavine, Cepeda, Marichal, Dave Stewart, Alex Smith and Mike Tyson. Send me a PM if interested. TRISTAR San Francisco Sports Collectors Show - Autograph Tickets
  2. J

    April 2013 San Francisco Tristar Show

    Hey everyone I will be attending this show Sunday 4/21. Tons of huge names will be appearing guys like:Rickey Henderson, Reggie Jackson, Joe Montana, Colin Kaepernick, Patrick Willis, Roberto Alomar, Deion Sanders, Dave Winfield, and many more. Here is the link to the...
  3. J

    Francisco "Frankie" Rodriguez - Red Sox/Twins/Mariners/Reds - 0% TTM

    Francisco "Frankie" (who now goes by Frank) Rodriguez spent parts of 7 seasons in the major leagues. He played for the Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins, Seattle Mariners, and Cincinatti Reds during his career. Frank isn't a local guy so this signing will be just like my Desi Relaford and Brian...
  4. Milkywai

    Ozzy Osbourne book signing San francisco 10/22

    100% Pure Ozzy: OZZY OSBOURNE arrives to sign copies of TRUST ME, I'M DR. OZZY | The Booksmith No outside items allowed and no pictures with. Must buy the book there. About $27 for the book. A little too much for my tastes, but figured I'd post this for any metal-heads in the Bay Area.
  5. Milkywai

    Juan Marichal book signing 5/18 San Francisco BORDERS

    Juan Marichal is doing a book signing next Wednesday May 18th, at Borders in Stownstown Galleria in San Francisco. It's to promote his new book, "The Greatest Game Ever Pitched: Juan Marichal, Warren Spahn, and the pitching duel of the century". Haven't found too much info about this. I wonder...
  6. Milkywai

    Juan Marichal book signing 5/18 San Francisco

    Double Post - please delete
  7. P

    San Francisco giants fan fest 2/5/11

    Is any one attending the san francisco giants fan fest on 2/5/11. I will be flying in from the East Coast. I am attempting to get Pat Burrell's autograph only. It's my understanding the way its setup this is not gaurenteed because of rotating tables and they don't annouce who is where. I am...
  8. K

    Francisco Liriano

    Hey everyone I got the confirmation today that Liriano has accepted my offer and will be doing a private signing with me. We are looking at dates in July and August to see which will work out the best. Same deal as with the majority of my signings I do not increase the price on any item it is a...
  9. HRocket

    San Francisco Giants FanFest 2/6 tips

    Has anyone ever been to the SF Giants fanfest? I know tons of people go but what are my chances of getting autographs from the entire team at this event? Any info that you may have helps. Thanks for sharing.
  10. bmac415

    TriStar Show - San Francisco May 21-23, 2010

    Hey guys a TriStar show has been scheduled in SF once again this year...heres the link... TRISTAR: Show & Signing Schedule the only person scheduled right now is Cal Ripken Jr. I will update this once more people are scheduled to the show
  11. J

    Francisco Liriano PRIVATE signing-G/U available

    THIS WAS ALREADY CLEARED BY ME WHEN HE POSTED - APPROVED - Alan We are coming up on baseball season again, and this year will definitely be a busy one. Just finished up the contract for Francisco Liriano, 25 year old stud pitcher for the Minnesota Twins, and decided to post a small amount up...
  12. Milkywai

    TRISTAR San Francisco Feb 22-24

    San Francisco Autograph Tickets & Schedule Twins prospect Tyler Robertson is going to be signing for free. Goose Gossage is $90 for flats.....for people who don't know how to get him in the mail. Dick Williams is $40 for flats. Other notables: John Elway, Deion Sanders, Bo...
  13. Milkywai

    TRISTAR show in San Francisco free signings: vida blue joe staley[49ers 1st rd] dan ortmeier[w/ redemption] nate schierholtz[w/ redemption] kevin frandsen charging[flats]: MLB: gary matthews sr. - 15 matt cain - 25 darrell evans - 15 matt kemp -...
  14. Milkywai

    San Francisco TRI-STAR show!!!

    It will be at the SF Cow Palace on Feb 24, 25, 26. A lot of football HOFers will be signing. Here is the link, if anyone's interested:
  15. mkov1226

    San Francisco Giants Fan Fest

    I also went to the fan fest today with my uncle and I was able to get... 2 Matt Morris - baseball ss, card 1 Dave Righetti - baseball ss 1 Matt Cain - baseball sp 2 Brad Hennessey - cards 3 Todd Linden - cards 1 Lance Niekro - card 2 Mark Sweeney - cards 2 Willie Upshaw - cards 1...
  16. muwolverine22

    San Francisco Tri star show...

    some big names with very reasonable prices. Mail in list isnt out yet but i may be mailing in several items for this one lol. Here the link if anyone is interested