Francisco Liriano PRIVATE signing-G/U available


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Jul 3, 2008

We are coming up on baseball season again, and this year will definitely be a busy one. Just finished up the contract for Francisco Liriano, 25 year old stud pitcher for the Minnesota Twins, and decided to post a small amount up for sale to the SportsGraphing community.

There will be a TOTAL of 50 signatures available for members of this board. While this is not the total amount of signatures we are receiving at the signing, it is what we decided to allocate at this price. Liriano will only be signing cards, flats (any size) and baseballs. We have photo mailers for both 8x10s and 16x20s available, and are included in the cost of shipping listed below. If sending a SASE in for the signing, we are not responsible for anything that may occur in return shipment.

ONLY 20 signatures left for preorder.

All cards and flats must include a post it note with your actual name attached to the item.

Price per signature is $20. No inscriptions are available. No multiple item discounts. This is the LOWEST price you will see on a Liriano signing, period.

Every item will come with a COA containing a photo of Liriano from the signing.

Game used items WILL be available from this signing. Items available will include hats, spikes, jerseys, and fielding gloves. Each item includes a picture of Liriano with your exact item, signed COA, and a signed OMLB. Contact for pricing.

Now offering game used baseballs for the signing as well. Liriano will be collecting these baseballs himself from each of his starts leading up to the signing, and will sign each ball and inscribe the ball with his stat line from the date pitched (if so desired). Price per game used baseball is $20. Hard to beat $40+ shipping for a signed and inscribed Liriano game used baseball!

Decided to make a small amount of Liriano cards available for the signing FREE of charge. Have 2005 Bowman Draft, 2005 Bowman Draft Gold, 2006 Bowman, 2006 Bowman Gold (only one available), and 2006 A&G (very few available). Please contact me ASAP if interested in putting one (or more) of these cards on hold for you.

We will be ordering 8x10s from Photofile for the signing, which will be available at $5 per. We will also have 2006 AS game baseballs, OMLBs, and black OMLBs available for this signing at $15, $10, and $18 respectively.

While we can not offer multiple item discounts on Liriano, we will be offering discounts if packaging Liriano with any of our other athlete signings. If purchasing a Liriano and a Perkins, pricing will run $29.50 prior to fees and shipping. Liriano and Soto=$25 prior to fees and shipping.

Due to the date of the signing unclear at this point, we will NOT be accepting full payments in advance. We will request that $1 (non-refundable) be sent per item desired via paypal to lock in your order. Didn't even consider the amount of fees paypal is accumulating on the $1 down, so will request that all balances that are paid with paypal include an additional .75. Once signing date is official, will send payment requests to those who made their initial deposit. If you would like to reserve an item, but will be paying by money order/cash/check, please contact me.

We are not accepting any items for the signing to be sent in at this time. When payment requests are sent, we will include information for the items to be shipped in.

We accept paypal (, cash, personal checks, and money orders. Please contact for payment address.


To those spending $50 or more on signing fees and merchandise costs (shipping does not apply), you will be entered in to a random drawing for an EDGAR RENTERIA GAME USED BROKEN BAT with MLB authentication! Just an added incentive to those purchasing multiple items from me. If the winner does not want the bat, I will offer to trade out for a signed item of my choice. Offer applies for any $50 spent, it does not have to be all on one signing.

Shipping charges are as follows:
Baseball card in top loader in bubble mailer-$3
8x10 in photo mailer-$3
16x20 in photo mailer-$5
Baseball (single)-$5
Baseball (multiple)-$5 for the first and $2 each additional

Please check out my other posts for our other signings taking place in the upcoming season.


M Wear-2
L Behrend-2
J McGlennon-1
D Suarez-1
S Rodd-2
B Johnson-2
W Woods-2
J Martinez-1
P Hawk-1
J Murphy-1
M Daniels-2
L Dean-1
A George-1
C David-1
J Atherton-1
E Rodriguez-2
M Pence-1
S Rickerson-2
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